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DP Review: Ansel Adams’ Arca-Swiss 4x5 View Camera is the first of its kind at auction.

This view camera collection was used by Ansel Adams from 1964 to 1968, according to the auction house, after which point he gave the camera to his then-assistant Liliane de Cock, who used it as part of her own career. The camera and related accessories were acquired directly from the photographer’s family.” Kinda like buying Michaelangelo’s paintbrushes.

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NY Times Book Review: In ‘News of the World,’ Unlikely Companions Bond on a Journey.

... Kidd loves to cull and aggregate articles, loves the gasps of surprise he hears, loves the power of information. During the hours you spend reading “News of the World,” that power is magically restored.” Sounds worthy. On my list.

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The Atlantic: What’s ‘Healthy’? What’s ‘Natural’?

PepsiCo misleadingly markets Naked Juices as predominantly containing high-value ingredients such as acai berry, blueberries, kale, and mango, when in fact the predominant ingredient in the product line is usually cheap, nutrient-poor apple juice ...” Well, if you remember ‘60’s advertising like I do, then PepsiCo has gone a long way to save us from terrible laxative adverts ... (wink) ...

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Editor’s note: This site may disappear at any moment.

I’m afraid my CMS is starting to betray overdue signs of overuse and age. I wake up in the morning, the sidebar is gone. Today, the header was gone. A new “publish story” command seems to return it all to normalcy. But these little errors are piling up. I need to schedule in either an upgrade, or a switchover to another CMS/service [like I have time for this right now]. What form that’ll take, I have no idea. But it’s getting dicey on this end. So if I disappear, it’s not forever ... it’s just a momentary glitch. @dangerousmeta on Twitter to find out what’s going on - if I’m dead in the water, I’ll be using that more frequently.

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Autoweek: This is Porsche’s first race car, returned to its prime.

Makes me start singing the theme song from “Casper the Friendly Ghost.”

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InTheseTimes: Natives Are Being Killed by Police at a Rate Higher Than Any Other Group.

I’ve been trying to get this fact into people’s heads, to little avail.

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SciAm: DEA Drops Ban on Herbal Supplement Kratom.

Suspicious. There seems to be very little science on this, other than overdose stats (and those are not high). Given the potential use profiles, one can’t help but imagine drug companies want an exclusive on the active ingredients (at maximum profit).

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Guardian.UK: Study shows books can bring Republicans and Democrats together.

What we found was surprising: when both conservative and liberal readers talk about “bridge books” instead of their usual partisan books, they change their way of talking and thinking in significant ways. They use less negative or hateful language. They use more words related to cognitive insight, such as “admit” and “explain”. In short, what is special about these books is that they make readers who otherwise have strong political dispositions become less tribal.” Just in time for choosing Xmas presents for people ...

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naked cap: As ObamaCare Death Spiral Continues, Flailing Institutions Attempt to Cope.

So, carrying the logic through to its insane conclusion, people could be penalized for not buying insurance where there is no insurance to be bought.” Another must-read.

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PVC: ON1 Photo RAW editor has new tricks.

Very excited to get my hands on this. Finally someone’s going to give Lightroom a kick in the pants.

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The Atlantic: How America’s Past Shapes Native Americans’ Present.

Later that century, there was a movement to “civilize,” or assimilate, Native Americans, and the Bureau created federal boarding schools, where Native American children were separated from their parents and only allowed to speak English and play sports that had European origins.” The local tribes ground the old Indian School to powder, even taking the old trees away. That bad a memory.

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The Rumpus: A Man’s ABCs Of Miscarriage.

Too flip. If it’s a natural miscarriage, even at a couple of months, the woman’s body goes through all the contractions of birth. It’s devastating physically and mentally, and needs a more empathetic treatment than this. It’s the great undiscussed trauma so many women suffer alone, utterly alone.

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Hemmings: “Bombshell Betty,” the 165 MPH 1952 Buick Super Riviera.

To be auctioned. I was privileged to photograph it at Concorso the other year. It’s a fantastic vehicle. The engine note is not to be forgotten.

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Bicycling: First Look - Scott Road RC Lace Cycling Shoes.

I prefer laces. Perhaps at a lower price point.

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Authority Nutrition: Alternate-Day Fasting - A Beginner’s Guide.


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Youtube: Pat Paulsen For President ‘America Oughtta Shut Up’ Tour.

MUST SEE of the day.

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Youtube: Triumph Meets Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson.

Because equal time.

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NY Times: Trumpism After Trump.

Read o’ the day.

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Guardian.UK: Jacques Cousteau sails again in new film.

A towering figurehead of the last century. How I miss him.

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In These Times: The Hypocrisy of Some Trump Supporters.

Now that Trump’s on a downhill slide, you wonder where all these on-point articles were during the primaries.

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Guardian.UK: Did Hillary Clinton intimidate Bill’s accusers? Let’s look at the evidence.

It’s possible that Bill Clinton assaulted Willey, Broaddrick and Jones during that same era. But that isn’t the equivalent of wrongdoing by his wife.” Evangelicals should flock to her, for ‘standing by her man’ and maintaining their marriage. But such forgiveness is only for those in the same ideological ozone.

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Discover: FDA Approves First Artificial Pancreas Faster Than Anyone Expected.

Apparently not for pancreatic cancer, just for diabetes?

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iTunes: Tower - Movie Trailers.


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NPR: Authors Take On Native American Stereotypes.

At the root of all of this is the idea of authenticity [snip] It’s the idea that Native people exist in an unchanging past, and that to be an authentic, real Indian, you somehow have not changed and adapted to the modern world. But Native people and Native cultures have always adapted to circumstances, they’ve always infused and integrated with other cultures. It’s always been that way.

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AI: Olloclip brings three new lens collections to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Everyone keeps offering wide angles. I want normal and telephoto; the native iPhone is too wide. No, I don’t want to use digital zooming.

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