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PVC: Affinity Photo and ON1 Photo RAW challenge Lightroom and Photoshop.

The next months are going to be very interesting, I believe, and if all goes according to plan, we may see many people changing their workflow.” Lightroom is getting very pokey. Everyone suspects CC bloat. So I’ll be looking at these closely.

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Neuroskeptic: The Terrorist Inside Robin Williams’ Brain.

It’s a very sad story, only read if you have the ability to absorb it without consequences. A terrible end for such an amazing person. Gifts given are sometimes devastatingly and cruelly ripped away. Makes me even more convinced that assisted suicide should be a legal option.

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Slate: David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s campaign manager, is confident Clinton will win.

I think he [Trump] is a black swan event.

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OpenCulture: Robert Heinlein Lists 5 Essential Rules for Making a Living as a Writer.

2. You must finish what you start.” Oh, ouch.

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I’m going to say it again. November 1 and November 8. Hillary, inoculate yourself.

The new ACA rates come out on November 1. Election is November 8. The new rates are going to sink you, Ms Clinton, unless you do something NOW. Your polling margins are terribly slim. Even three days of the 24/7 news cycle can sink you. Please listen, take my advice. DO SOMETHING. Don’t just shimmy.

I told everyone back when this started that the media would do their utmost to make this entire political season a 50/50 horserace. They have done so through simply terrible journalistic practice and false equivalence. When you’ve blogged through as many elections as I have, and had to suffer Bush/Gore, you know the territory. Sometimes I hate being right.

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The Economist: Bill and Hillary Inc.

An obvious question is what ancillary benefits donors thought they were getting, and here the Clintons’ sloppy approach to conflicts of interest is evident, with the three pillars of their activities—public, private and charitable—colliding. Donors to the foundation attempted to get, and on occasion may have got, favours from Mrs Clinton while she was secretary of state. Most of these requests appear to have been for meetings with her. There was a flow of communication between donors, aides and Mrs Clinton’s government office.” I’ll note that The Economist basically endorses Hillary as the only choice this election. But they’re keeping their eye on her, as evidenced by this article. Hillary supporters won’t like it, but they cannot call it misogynist (the overuse of which, I should mention, is not changing behaviors but quietly and productively driving male voters over to Trump). I don’t fault her for making speeches - I know the industry. Make hay while the sun shines. But that last sentence in the pullquote above bothers me, and I’ve made no bones about it. The Clintons are supposedly smart people. The only conclusion I can draw is, they never really seriously planned for Hillary to do a national run. They experimented all along the way, to see where the roadblocks would occur, and never changed their other long-range plans laid down after Bill left office. Now they have to do the fast-shuffle. “Nothing to see here, just move along!” isn’t going to work.

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PS Mag: Getting Punished as a War Criminal for Destroying Ancient Monuments.

With the new ICC conviction, it appears all that thinking and law-making is finally having real-life effects. The prosecution of al-Mahdi, who was the head of Ansar Dine’s morality enforcement, could serve as a template for future cases against those who demolished artifacts in Palmyra and elsewhere, the BBC reports.” Nine years.

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TG’s Political Wire: Trump Has the Bigger Transition Team.

... the Trump transition team led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has assembled nearly 100 advisers who are weighing details on issues ranging from taxes and national security to decisions on which Obama administration policies should be quickly overturned ...” Don’t say we weren’t warned about the end of democracy in America. Jesus.

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Vox: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is out this weekend, and I have questions.

Is Eva Green an actual goddess or merely a mortal more evolved than us?” I’ve believed since Casino Royale. But I hear she smokes. Alas, the goddess-like qualities won’t last long if that’s so.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton over links with Denis O’Brien.

O’Brien sounds like Trump himself. So what’s the problem?

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Atlas Obscura: Found - A Hand-Drawn Map of Detroit from 1790.

In addition to being delicately illustrated and lovely, the map depicts an otherwise unknown period in the history of the city, just before the British were to evacuate, leaving the land to the burgeoning United States.” And the archaeologists rush to find bits and bobs under car parks and buildings ...

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Guardian.UK: New Jersey train crash - critical injuries reported in Hoboken – live updates.

Train never stopped, apparently hit end-of-track bumper in the station at cruising speed. Only worse situation would be a head-on, or a head-on in a tunnel. I cringe to think of it, after riding the rails to NYC for thirteen years.

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The Atlantic: How Murderous Are Humans?

Gómez’s team calculated that at the origin of Homo sapiens, we were six times more lethally violent than the average mammal, but about as violent as expected for a primate.” And you don’t want to be reincarnated as a meerkat.

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Brown.EDU: 13th century Maya codex, long shrouded in controversy, proves genuine.

Houston and his coauthors outline what a 20th century forger would have had to know or guess to create the Grolier, and the list is prohibitive: he or she would have to intuit the existence of and then perfectly render deities that had not been discovered in 1964, when any modern forgery would have to have been completed; correctly guess how to create Maya blue, which was not synthesized in a laboratory until Mexican conservation scientists did so in the 1980s; and have a wealth and range of resources at their fingertips that would, in some cases, require knowledge unavailable until recently.

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Naked Cap: Fade OPEC.

Oil prices sustained in the low $50s is the level that seduces more capital in shale ... thus Saudi better be careful what it wishes for. We already expect supplies to flatten out in the US in early 2017 with limited increases in rig activity. A rebirth of activity could prompt a rapid rise in US oil output within 6-months, offsetting OPEC’s efforts once again.” Oh God, please spare Mora County ...

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AuthorityNutrition: The 14 Most Common Signs of Gluten Intolerance.

Of note. In spite of the GF hatred and the belief that gluten intolerance is a myth - read the footnoted studies. Gluten affects many of us, negatively. What you choose to call it, I don’t give a darn. But keep our GF options available, please. Just reduce the sugar content, will ya?

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Complex: Enjoy Earth While It Lasts - Atmospheric Carbon Levels Pass the Point of No Return.

Clickbait. But.

I was just thinking last night about a sci-fi concept. What if our existence is the result of seeding comets with genetic material designed to reduce the number of habitable planets in the universe in order to preserve a galactic status quo? That we are Von Neumann machines designed to destroy ecosystems? That we can never evolve beyond our destructive behavior?

Maybe that’s why we’ve not detected other species via SETI.

Then again, if we do become self aware, who might show up?

Good story. One day I might write it. @ME.

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Webdesigner Depot: Why brutalism boosts conversions.

Linked for the title. I picture a little dude and a big dude. “Hey, Lenny.” Little dude points me out to big dude. “He ain’t buyin’. See if he wants a knuckle sammich instead.”

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NY Mag: Republicans in Denial That Debate Exposed Trump As Unfit.

In a certain light, only the GOP may be able to stop this from happening. But they’ve lost control of their audience, by allowing easily-exploitable ignorance to blossom.

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OilPrice.com: Oil And Gas Bankruptcies Set To Double This Year.

This is the worst downturn since the mid-eighties, there has been a dramatic price fall, and companies have not had the sufficient capital to withstand the situation.

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FishbowlNY: Cuts Coming to Guardian US.

Terrible to hear. They’ve been my go-to alternative to paywalls at the Times and Post. Getting to the point where a guy can’t be a news blogger without investing significant $ to do so. Maybe if media orgs would stop posting opinion in what should be factual current event articles, they’d save money ...

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Coolist: The 18 Best Electric Guitars for Rockers of All Levels.

Three months to Xmas.

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“Mark All Read.”

I give up with the aggregator. I’ll just start from scratch and wait. Ya gotta give in sometimes, people.

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Busy, busy, busy.

I’ll get to you soon, I promise. Trump seems to have come off that debate performance as Bush did against Gore. Never doubt that the idiotic choice can win. Question is, what are the left-wingers of the Democratic Party willing to do? They’re the ones who organize on the ground. Better shelf your Sanders-bitterness and get moving, kids. The world’s about to friggin’ end.

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“The Cyber” took the top of my head off.

I mean, really folks. Seriously? Oh wait ... the sigh bear. Listen to the sigh bear.

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