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The Atlantic: I Can Never Have Too Many Mechanical Pencils.

I find a 0.9mm is just a smidge thick, but near-impossible to break. So it’s become my go-to mechanical pencil.

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Archaeology News Network: Amphipolis dig shows no doorway to fourth chamber.

Let’s hope further access is only obscured and that the existing tomb is all there is (and stripped).

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Archaeology News Network: Searchers consider ‘winter dive’ to explore Erebus further.

Cool. Er, no. Cold.

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Art of VFX: Into the Woods, featurette.

Of interest, also.

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Art of VFX: BBC ‘God Only Knows’ - Behind The Work.

So much green screen these days. It must be so hard for actors.

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Dazed: Top 10 cult leather icons.

Okay, how could such a hip online magazine forget to include the Lizard King in his leather pants? Huh? Dump Cruise in Top Gun. That had very little cultural effect, comparatively.

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The Atlantic: It’s Coming - $65 Oil.

A welcome reprieve. I still maintain most of Clinton’s ‘good economy’ was the result of lower energy prices. Notice the Fed is making noise about ending the stimulus. Interesting timing. I hope this puts the kibosh on new fracking starts - they want to encroach Chaco.  That’s a big NO from me.

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Valet./Explainer: Hangers.

My cheat is to use a tubular plastic hanger and pin my neckline with clothespins so the shoulder seams don’t end up with nipples.

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Italian Ways: Tato’s dynamic aerial paintings.

Aw, these are great.

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Busier morning than I expected.

Links eventually.

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The Luminous Landscape: The Optimum Digital Exposure.

An update of ‘Expose to the Right.’  I’ll try it out.

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Youtube: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.

Excellent use of hidden video to illuminate a problem men only theoretically understand. Face it - we men would be in someone’s face after the third catcall, or filing harrassment suits. Walking through your office and having someone say “Oh, you got an ass on you” or “Shake it, baby” on a regular basis would probably break your composure quite effectively.

Later: Apparently this video is attracting rape threats. What’s happened to America, and ‘our’ internet?

10/29/14 • 09:25 AM • FoodHuman RightsMotion Graphics(2) Comments

How often are you going to see an authentic DuPont out on the road?

365/2: 300 outtake.

You’re welcome.

10/28/14 • 06:07 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe LocalVehicles(2) Comments

365/2: 300. Medicinal.

365/2: 300.

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Amazon.com: Book - The Rolling Stones.

Coming December 15. An amazing list of photographers’ work in here.

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TechCrunch: W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete.

On to 5.1.

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Mashable: British etiquette manual tells you how to behave in the 21st century.

The rule is that you should always give the other person more attention than technology.

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Metafilter curiousity.

When I visit Metafilter via RSS, I’m seeing a very modern redesign. Anyone else?  Looks nice.

[Later: Ah, new design when I’m logged out, old design when I’m logged in. DNS percolating changes, I assume.]

10/28/14 • 12:25 PM • DesignInternetProgrammingWeblogs1 Comment

Archaeology News Network: Remains of French ship being reassembled in Texas.

Ill-fated La Salle.

10/28/14 • 12:21 PM • HistoryScience • No Comments

Photo Attorney: Texas Statute Limiting Photos of People Found To Be Unconstititional.

Of note.

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MessyNessyChic: Vintage Supercars rotting away in a forest (and that’s how the owner wants it)

Painful and beautiful at the same time.

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TechCrunch: Microsoft Gives Developers More Ways To Integrate With Office 365.

One of the companies that is implementing these features soon is IFTTT, which will allow its users to create recipes based on incoming emails to their Outlook accounts, for example.

10/28/14 • 11:54 AM • InternetMicrosoftSoftware • No Comments

FWx: A Private Tour of the Eerie Abandoned Terminal at JFK.

Hey, I passed through there many a time on A/V shows. I still have, somewhere in the slightly-tame black hole of my closet, my TWA frequent flyer miles. Thanks to PapaScott on FB for finding it.

10/28/14 • 11:49 AM • DesignHistoryPersonalTravel(2) Comments

DeSmogBlog: When the Shale Runs Dry - A Look at the Future of Fracking.

... the cement plugs have a life expectancy of roughly 20 years. This means that every two decades, it is necessary to drill through the old plugs and install new ones. Some wells are even costlier and more complicated to seal because they are now underwater, requiring the deployment of barges and scuba divers.” Fracking is a ‘gift’ that keeps on giving to taxpayers, long after the oil and gas folks are gone with their profits.

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Photoshelter Blog: 8 Legal Cases Every Photographer Should Know.


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