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USA Today: Harvard researchers unveil new Alzheimer’s theory.

Very interesting. They already know gum disease contributes to plaque around the heart (different plaque, but still).

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The Atlantic: The Astonishing Age of a Neanderthal Cave Construction Site.

She knew that Rouzaud’s date of 47,600 years was impressive but suspect. Carbon-dating is only accurate for samples younger than 50,000 years, so the Bruniquel material was hitting the technique’s limits. [snip] Their date? 176,500 years ago, give or take a few millennia.” My italic emphasis. Beautiful and strange. A real stunner for the world of science.

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naked cap: Clinton Chasing Votes With Fracking U-Turn.

During her term as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made no attempt to hide her international energy ambitions, which could be easily summed up as more locally produced gas for everyone, and more profits for the American companies that would pump that gas. Pretty much the usual run-of-the-mill approach to nurturing large corporate taxpayers and campaign supporters. Now, it seems, Clinton is ready to antagonize these same corporate campaign supporters in order to win more liberal votes.” OK, now I’m no fan of Clinton’s flip-flops on this, or her pushing of fracking tech across the globe. But I understand why she did it. Reducing the power of OPEC and other traditional oil-producing nations could be considered a proper strategy. But for America, today, now ... we need a solar/wind emphasis like never before. I just wish Clinton could make clear demarcations in her platforms, clearly explaining her evolution in thinking, without the Dukakis-like waffling.

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Atlas Obscura: Exploring the Secrets of Soothing Spaceship Sound.

Best part is the link to the 24-hour loop of Enterprise ambient sound. Better yet, mix two - Enterprise and ISS (click play on both videos in this article).

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FishbowlNY: WSJ Editor Reminds Staff to be ‘Fair’ to Trump.

... Baker’s remarks did not go over well with staffers. Some of them considered the speech ‘an insult or admonition.’” Being truthful is being fair, is it not?

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BarnFinds: Another One, Slightly Nicer! 1975 Cosworth Vega.

Now, you may wonder why a Cosworth is worth saving. It has a real engine. Your standard Vega had one of the early aluminum engines ... with steel sleeves inside the pistons. They failed spectacularly and frequently. Your only option, often, was a complete engine replacement. Vegas had the worst of reputations, along with their competition, the rear-gas-tank-exploding Pintos. While the Vegas ran, they were cool. Busted, off to the junker, your wallet in tow.

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Hyperallergic: Why Museums Are Granting Google Free Access to Their Collections.

Of note. I wonder if this won’t actually depress museum visitation; Americans already consider ‘authentic fakes’ acceptable. Digital reproductions are the next best thing ... they won’t have to lift a finger to actually experience art. I suppose I’m a Luddite (once again). There’s a numinous feeling in the great museums.

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Phaidon: Animals Are Delicious.


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WaPo: WWII ‘Memphis Belle’ gunner, 94, revisits Britain. And dies quietly there.

RIP, good sir.

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InTheAirWeSee (Tumblr) ... once you see this ...

... you can’t unsee it.

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Blog.Filippo.IO: Untrusting an intermediate CA on OS X.

Jeez, man. Thanks, Dan Lyke on FB.

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Portland Press Herald: Hiker’s journal shows she survived for close to a month after getting lost.

Though Largay’s family and friends described her as an experienced hiker, the wardens’ case file indicated she had a poor sense of direction, and when she made a mistake would become easily flustered.” When we get into trouble, we tend to make one grave mistake early in the process. In my case, anyway. My own mistake, years ago, was misjudging the likelihood of needing water. I suffered, mightily. Almost died for that mistake. I know better now. Mother Nature’s not a fluffy bunny. She likes to yank the rug out from under your feet. If you’re not ready, watch out. RIP. Thanks, Julian Smith on FB.

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Slate/Lithwick: Fellow liberals, we should stop doing this stuff.

But I am finding that wearing my gender goggles exclusively in this campaign leads me to default to behaviors that stop discourse in its tracks.” Dear God, someone well-respected has finally said it. Good. Read the whole thing, when you have time. I should print it and hand it out.

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c|net: Feds’ nuclear defense system uses ancient computer with 8-inch floppy drives.

You know, this doesn’t bother me so much. If it were suffering the latest Windows 10 ‘forced upgrade’ snafu, we’d be extinct.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump offer to debate Bernie Sanders was just a joke, aide says.

Donald Trump was only joking when he said he would debate Bernie Sanders, his campaign said on Thursday after a morning of media frenzy.” Unwise. Bernie’s losing it. Trump would turn this into a Hillary Bern-down. The damage would be lasting and devastating.

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WaPo: Vince Foster was my brother. Donald Trump should be ashamed.

Remember this, if the conservatives continue to dig up Mr Foster. They made a great deal of hay off this in the ‘90’s.

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Createquity: The BFA’s Dance With Inequality.

Has the arts degree become a luxury, or are artists from less advantaged backgrounds missing out on something?” There’s something I suppose only someone raised around the Ivy League could appreciate, affecting this. An arts degree is one of the few ‘socially approved’ degrees for rootless young children (mostly female) of affluence. As a result, there is often a bifurcation in arts programs - those who are ‘coasting’ until graduation, versus the working-class talents who are scraping to afford the education, milking the experience and contacts extensively in whatever free hours they have beyond the necessary work-study and other financial aid debt-slavery used to attend the best art schools. Sale ramen and bottled spaghetti sauce for four years, and worse ... to realize their dreams. To enter the workforce for a <20k paycheck, often. Yeah, realities. Meantime, the affluent coasters marry up to other bluebloods, nary a concern about debt. Or about art.

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Webdesigner Depot: Blisk - the new browser built just for developers.

Of note. Mac version arriving in ‘June’.

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Scott ☠ on Twitter: UI vs. UX ... “it’s simple, really.”

Viral, brilliant.

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Youtube/Netflix: The Little Prince - Main Trailer.

Brings tears to my eyes. Saint-Ex comes to save the world, at just the right time. Only few will listen. Will it make a difference? I hope. Fervently hope.

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ANN: Friends, Romans - Help restore Rome’s ruins, monuments.

Reminds me of the middle industrial period. Industrial tycoons, robber barons had their hobbies, financing great public works. Longwood Gardens was one.

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ANN: Tyrannosaurus rex probably had lips says palaeontologist.

Umm. Probably had sticky fingers, too.

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DP Review: Back to the action - Nikon D500 Review.

Potential companion to my D810 ...

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AI: Pixelmator for Mac gets new Quick & Magnetic selection tools, Retouch extension for Photos.


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Adobe PS Blog: Introducing Content-Aware Crop - Coming Soon to Photoshop CC.

Here’s how you will be able to use it: Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground; Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image; Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels … and probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselves.” Oh, gimme.

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