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Colossal: 888,246 Ceramic Poppies Flow Like Blood from the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI.

Tasteful and raw, at the same time. I approve.

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Rolling Stone: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Movie Review.

Should the Guardians take on the Avengers? Hell, yeah!”  I’ll go to the theater for this one, man.

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GitHub/barryclark: jekyll-now.

Got a GitHub account? Kick the tires on Jekyll.  When I have a moment, I’m going to.

Later: As I have time ... dangerousmeta.github.io. Stupid-simple setup. GitHub can take up to ten minutes to show the initial page, after you set the URL.

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The New Yorker: Last Call.

Buddhist monk vs. suicide culture: “Sometimes Nemoto tells his attendees to put a white cloth over their face, as is customary with corpses in Japan, while he conducts a funeral ceremony. Afterward, he tells each to carry a lighted candle up a hill behind the temple and imagine that he is entering the world of the dead. This exercise, for reasons he doesn’t understand, tends to produce not tears but a strange kind of exhilaration, as though the person were experiencing rebirth.

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HisPotion: Maintenance-Free Bicycles - Priority Bicycles.

So, these bikes feature a belt instead of a chain, an aluminum frame that is advertised to last forever and ever and, last but not least, a comfy saddle (that’s the best part, I’m already sold!).” $400 for no-maintenance belt drive? I’m sold too.

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Design You Trust: Fantastic Landscapes of Tuscany, Italy.

I need a photographic sabbatical here.

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Consulting Collections of Medieval Manuscripts Online.


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Design You Trust: Little Giant Girl Marches through Liverpool.

Check the children’s faces, versus the adults. Adults are smiling; kids look a bit unsure. Having fantasy ‘come to life’ gives kids pause; ask any performer at Disney World. Or your average seasonal Santa Claus.

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2015 Polaris Slingshot: 3 Wheel Motorcycle - Reverse Trike.

Looks like a blast.

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SciAm: No Fukushima Radiation in Tests off U.S. West Coast.

He predicts that water off the Oregon shore will peak at around 10 to 20 becquerel per cubic meter of water as ocean currents carry radiation from Japan in the years ahead.

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nakedcap: How Fracking Is Blowing Up Balance Sheets of Oil and Gas Companies.

It’s a horrendous treadmill. Just to maintain production, companies have to drill more and more and incur more and more debt, even as revenues are disappointing.”  Fracking is the methamphetamine of the oil and gas industry.

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SciAm: Cause of Mysterious Siberian Holes Possibly Found.

The photo of the crater rim shows some vegetation that does not appear freshly grown, which suggests the hole may be several years old, Yoshikawa said. Romanovsky said it might be more recent, but investigators will need to look at archived high-resolution satellite images to pin down exactly when the crater appeared.”  Fine point - these may not be ‘fresh’ holes. Some media are sowing a bit of panic in their titling and descriptions of these phenomena.

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The Airship: I Read All of the Harry Potter Books for the First Time Over the Last Month.

Someone had to say it.

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Paris Review: Emily Brontë’s Boring Birthday.

I’m afraid it’s true. Emily Brontë’s birthday letters are totally dull.” Doesn’t that give more evidence to a fertile imagination?

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DP Review: Hollywood studios strike deal to keep Kodak movie film in production.


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Vimeo: Boater/Beater/Bitch.

Usually, you only see the perfect performances on video. So much painful.

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ArtDaily: Philbrook Museum of Art announces receipt of the Hyatt collection of Hopi art.

Instructive; I’ll have to look into a pictorial history of sacred clowns. I suspect more modern ones have been influenced by Disney.  Even ancient cultures can’t exist in a vacuum.

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Updates to Creative Cloud this morning.

Between Apple and Adobe, I’m wondering when we hit the point where they’re applying so many updates that we cannot be social anymore, for eating up all the bandwidth. We need bigger ‘pipes’.

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365/2: 210.  Back end of this evening’s storm. #nmwx

365/2: 210.

In-house photo editor: “Another sky? Lame.”
Me: “But ... but ... look at it!”

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Archaeology News Network: Wine-cup used by Pericles found in ancient grave.

After piecing it together, archaeologists were astounded to find the name “Pericles” scratched under one of its handles, alongside the names of five other men, in apparent order of seniority. Experts are ‘99 per cent’ sure that the cup was used by the Athenian statesman, as one of the other names listed, Ariphron, is that of Pericles’ elder brother.”  Apparently Ariphron is a rare name, even rarer in association with the name Pericles. Thin, but not impossible circumstantial evidence.

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MeFi: DIY Law School - Learn the Law Without Law School.

Everyone should understand at least a *little* law. Read a little Blackstone, at the very least.

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Pacific Standard: Are You Really as Happy as You Say You Are?

They built what they call a hedonometer, which is a daily report of the geography and timing of happiness.” Flashback to Woody Allen’s “Orgasmatron” ...

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Archaeology News Network: Viking warriors, treasures buried beneath Dublin.

Aristocratic Vikings. I’ll have my next Guinness out of a horn, please.

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Medium: Thirty Things I’ve Learned.

Everyone will enjoy this.

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The Airship: Happy Birthday, Penguin, and Thanks for Inventing the Modern Paperback Book.

July 30 marks the 79th anniversary of a mass-market paperback revolution. On this date in 1934, publisher Allen Lane was supposedly struck by a fantastic epiphany while suffering from boredom at a British train station. The idea? To make good literature accessible to everyone.

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