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Furtive CSS.

Another framework, extremely small. Useful for minimal sites.

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The UpStanding Desk.

Another standing solution. I kind of admire the double-wide.

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Design You Trust: Rabbit Showjumping at an Animal Fair in Stuttgart.

This is great. I think I need to visit. Flying Hasenpfeffer!

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Youtube: The Hobbit Legacy.

One last time.” Surely they must give us The Silmarillion ... ? Beren and Luthien?

11/26/14 • 10:40 AM • Entertainment(3) Comments

Guardian.UK: Reflecting sunlight into space has terrifying consequences, say scientists.

You are going to have to build an industry to reverse engineer 200 years of fossil fuel industry, and on the same huge scale.

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SciAm: Vivid Dreams Comfort the Dying.

Of interest.

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OpenCulture: Behold a Beautiful Archive of 10,000 Vintage Analog Cameras at Collection Appareils.


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Reuters: Romney tops Republican poll for ‘16; ahead of Clinton in election.

Among possible Republican candidates, Romney’s 19 percent put him ahead of former Florida governor Jeb Bush with 11 percent, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ben Carson each with 8 percent each, and U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky with 6 percent.”  I. Can’t. Even.

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Modular crock pots.

Daisy chain ‘em. Now, if there were a cure for crock pot flavor/texture. It’s OK for a few days, but then I get the urge for fresh-cooked (rather than 8 hour stew).

11/26/14 • 09:29 AM • FoodGeneralHome & Living(2) Comments

Guardian.UK: Ursula K Le Guin’s speech at National Book Awards - ‘Books aren’t just commodities’.

Winter is coming? “... we’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine real grounds for hope. We’ll need writers who can remember freedom – poets, visionaries – realists of a larger reality.

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Guardian.UK: Shakespeare First Folio found in French library.

One of the most interesting things about the book is that the Henry IV play has clearly been performed because there are notes and directions on the pages that we believe date from around the time the book was produced.” Now that’s cool.

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NPR: ‘Paper Love’ - Box Of Love Letters Reveals Grandfather Didn’t Escape WWII With ‘Everyone’.

Sounds amazing.

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365/2: 327.

365/2: 327.

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PS Mag: The Long War Between Highbrow and Lowbrow.

Shakespeare was The Avengers of the 19th century. To say that Shakespeare was The Avengers, though, is to say, in part, that Shakespeare was not high culture at all. Instead, Shakespeare was popular culture — and treated as such.

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Italian Ways: Genius unnoticed – the Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum in Parcines.


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naked cap: Who Will Wind Up Holding the Bag in the Shale Gas Bubble?

The taxpayer, ultimately.

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SF New Mexican: Officials - Hiker found north of Santa Fe ski basin died of hypothermia.

In late JULY, note. When we’re nearly at our hottest temps. I keep banging on about this, but you can so easily be hiking, have a thunderstorm crest those mountains, and experience a 60 degree temperature drop in minutes. I see so many people, too far from the trailheads, woefully unprepared.  I do stop and advise (gently), when there’s an opportunity.

Science of Us/Sleep Hack: Keep Your Feet Outside Your Covers.

I seem to have inherited this habit from my maternal grandmother. Cover my feet, I get too hot, can’t sleep. At least one foot has to have fresh air. Weirdsville, but ... it works.

11/25/14 • 10:24 AM • HealthPersonalScience(2) Comments

BarnFinds: Period Nasty Boy - 1956 Austin-Healey 100.

Quite the project. I ran into a Midget once, with a Chevy carburetor *welded* to the top of the MG engine. Wires all over the top, strung from side to side. The depredations these poor British cars had to suffer in America!  Anyway, thought you might like to see a particularly beautiful one, from Santa Fe Concorso.

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Science of Us: How Much Can You Really Change After 30?

It’s not that personality is fixed and can’t change. [snip] But it’s relatively stable and consistent. What you see at 35, 40 is what you’re going to see at 85, 90.” Note in particular what they say about newborns; I reference Hillman’s “acorn theory.” When you have a child you’re not so much creating a personality, as revealing it.

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365/2: 326. Hydrometeors and snow virga.

365/2: 326.

11/24/14 • 06:25 PM • PersonalPhotographySanta Fe LocalScience(2) Comments

Art of VFX: GODZILLA - VFX Breakdown by MPC.

The blue fire is worth the view, IMHO.

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Vox: Why vitamin D pills are probably worthless for most people.

Oh, piffle. Depends on which studies you cherry-pick. I don’t think there’s a single vitamin that’s done more noticeable good for me. SAD, fitness, you name it. Get tested if you think you need it; ignore mere news reports.

11/24/14 • 05:22 PM • HealthScience1 Comment

BarnFinds: The Big Boy - 1937 Terraplane Pickup.

Hudson, to be precise. Like something the Mafia would stick you in, along with bags of concrete, scooting you oh so stylishly to your destiny.

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PS Mag: Yes, Republicans Can Still Win the White House.

Of course they can. The closest-to-center wins, usually. Remember “Reagan Democrats”? I found the referenced article (“Blue Wall”) an invitation for Democratic complacency. That’s a strategy for catastrophic loss, IMHO.

11/24/14 • 02:53 PM • HistoryPolitics(3) Comments
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