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Sorry for the missing sidebar this morning.

Blew past my self-imposed disk allotment on the server. Fixed.

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WaPo: Sanders’s next challenge - Where will he take his revolution?

... at the urging of his wife, Jane Sanders, he has been talking to his inner circle about launching a grass-roots organization to harness the energy of his supporters.” Listen to your better half, Bern.

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Editor’s note: Apologies about titles percolating to Twitter.

Because of all the work in-house, I’m not being as careful as I should about title lengths. They get truncated by EE1, and I don’t generally notice until I post the *next* entry. Trying to be better, but things still slip through. Another reason to upgrade (another item on the to-do list!).

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Guardian.UK: Elizabethan theatre, Chateau d’Hardelot review.

Pretentious. The best Shakespeare performances I ever enjoyed, were on a simple curved platform in a wooded park. Esp. good for “Tempest” and “Midsummernight’s Dream”. You could imagine spirits flitting about.

06/27/16 • 08:18 AM • ArtsBooksDesignEntertainmentHistoryPersonal(2) Comments

Independent.UK: Jesse Williams gives powerful BET Awards acceptance speech on racism in America.

Ironic that even the Brit Independent can’t parse his speech correctly. See if you can spot it - “critique of our impression”, not “critique of our oppression.” Underlines the problem, IMHO. Noone’s really listening.

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Forbes: Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050.

... large corporations are able to continue engaging in increasingly environmentally exploitative behaviour by obscuring the link between endless economic growth and worsening environmental destruction.” Interesting, coming from Forbes. Note also, GM crops at the present time are not producing the yields projected. Something’s gotta give. We should begin controlling population now, before we continue on this viruslike trajectory.

06/27/16 • 07:56 AM • EconomicsHuman RightsPoliticsScience(4) Comments

TPM: SCOTUS Rules 5-3 In Favor Of Abortion Rights In Major Texas Case.

I can’t be impartial here. Once one has seen/experienced the horror of cephalic disorders [nightmare-producing; don’t click if sensitive], one knows the absolute, inviolable necessity of abortion, ‘late term’ abortion, and women’s right to control their own bodies.

Later: This will, of course, turn the volume knob to ‘11’ for conservatives over the Presidential election. Justice choice will become the ‘excuse’ to vote for a miserable, unqualified candidate. Mark my words. At least, for the next couple of weeks.

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Flickr’s uploading features have been down for about five hours now.

Don’t expect to see anything new there today. No word from Flickr HQ as to what’s going on.

06/26/16 • 11:45 AM • PersonalPhotographySocial Media(12) Comments

ANN: Fix for 3-billion-year-old genetic error could dramatically improve genetic sequencing.

The new innovation engineered at UT Austin is an enzyme that performs reverse transcription but can also “proofread,” or check its work while copying genetic code. The enzyme allows, for the first time, for large amounts of RNA information to be copied with near perfect accuracy.” Exciting and mind-blowing. On the flip side, let’s hope it doesn’t make viruses more potent.

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WaPo: In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead.

Interesting, how news titles are being created. Notice T is mentioned first, in nearly every case.

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Atlas Obscura: Scottish Birds Continue Stealing Large Amounts of Underwear.

Jury’s out on whether they’ll still steal domestically-manufactured skivvies.

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The Toast: Female Philosophers of the Early Modern Era.

Here’s another list of seventeenth century philosophers: Margaret Cavendish, Anne Conway, Elisabeth of Bohemia, Mary Astell, Damaris Masham, Catherine Cockburn, Bathsua Makin. You can take a philosophy degree, including Early Modern philosophy, and not come across a single one of these women.

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ArtDaily: US bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley dies at 89.

Another RIP. Get them all out of the way early in the day ... “O Death” was incredible.

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NPR: Bill Cunningham, Iconic ‘New York Times’ Photographer, Dies At 87.

Dangit. RIP. The king of streetstyle photography. I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t have to suffer the aftereffects of the stroke. You will find tons of tributes and other photos of the man on various social channels ... Tumblr, etc.

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Bloomberg: That $5,000 TV Ad May Run $100,000 Now for Political Conventions.

Ugh. “Just the facts” won’t exist this political season.

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Prospect.org: Who’s to Blame for Brexit? The Elites.

If Europe responds to Brexit by consolidating more control, they’ll have learned nothing from the yearning for people to free themselves from the yoke of unaccountable external rule, and the UK won’t be the first to leave.” Great find from Kevin [GitM] on FB.

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Guardian.UK: Tony Robbins event attendees burned after walking on hot coals.

Only after he does it first.

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Discover: Antibiotic-Resistant Genes Hitch a Ride in Just Two Days.

So many of my acquaintances go overseas, bringing back hitchhikers (GI distress). Perhaps this is why.

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SciAm: No Flu Nasal Spray Next Season: Why Is This Vaccine Not Working?

So why isn’t the nasal spray working well now? Researchers don’t know for sure, but it could have to do with the strains of influenza that have been circulating in recent years.

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AppleInsider: The best external monitor alternatives to Apple’s discontinued Thunderbolt Display.

Of note. Expected at least one Dell, and sure enough ...

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NM Fire Info: Lightning-Caused McClure Fire 30% Contained.

Great work, firefighters.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck - Live In The Dark [Official Lyric Video].

From the new album! Interesting day to choose for a song with this title. I love when Jeff gets ‘dirty’ with his distortion, with a growling female singer. Remember on Flash, Karen Lawrence belting ‘Back on the Streets’?

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SFR: Major resources on tap to fight fire that began Thursday in the Santa Fe Watershed.

Pray, people, and put our faith in firefighting skills acquired from years of devastating wildfires.

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Brexit. They actually did it.

Between Trump and this event, it feels like hordes of ignorance are taking over the world. Western Civilization is practically poised to fall, thanks to narrowminded pursuit of profit at any cost ...

Later: I’m being melodramatic, but my excuse is, ‘tis the season ...

06/24/16 • 06:07 AM • EconomicsPoliticsTravel(2) Comments

AP: Clinton Failed to Hand Over Key Email to State Department.

Since when did AP go right-wing? I understand the issues, but this sounds like it was written by GOPAC back in the day.

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