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BarnFinds: Messerschmitt Bf 109s - Keep Them Flying!

In 1968/69 he worked for United Artists as Chief Stunt Pilot for the ‘Battle of Britain’ film. Other film work of his includes flying the ‘TBM’ in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and Bermuda Triangle. The story goes: United Artists (UA) owed ‘Connie’ at the end of shooting of the ‘Battle of Britain’ a sum of money and UA wanted to give him an IOU. Mr. Edwards has said ‘do not take an IOU from a film company, you always get stung’. He told them (UA) he would take airplanes for payment, which he did, 16 Messerschmitts to be exact.” Ummmmmmm. Fellow WWII airplane fans, check out the engine/prop configurations on those. These look to be cobble-jobs - the main photo’s cowl looks like a P-40 Warhawk. A subsequent photo looks like a grey-painted, modified P-51. Even the cockpit photo shows a strange layout. He got some planes in trade, sure. But these aren’t 100% Messerschmidts, based on these photos.

Later comment: I still remember “Tora, Tora, Tora”, with all the painted AT-6 Texans and SNJs. Suspension of disbelief was trashed the minute I saw them. Given the wooden structures, very few Zeros and other Japanese airframes are left. But the film directors could have done just a smidge better, IMHO. So lesson here is: Taking trades from film sets, you’d better know what you’re trading for.

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The Atlantic: What Happens After Intelligent Life Is Discovered.

My bet: “Can you PLEASE stop broadcasting reality TV?”

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Italian Ways: The Ribaudo family grave in Staglieno’s Cemetery, and a song by Joy Division.

I do so admire grave statuary. Fascinating how people wish to render eternal sleep. The beauty, the tragedy ...

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500px redesigns.

They alter things so often, I’m not sure I’ve got the latest layout. When I do, I’ll comment further.

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Register.UK: US Treasury - How did ISIS get your trucks? Toyota ... ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Hmmm. What about those pistols, those boots ... ?

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SciAm: Antioxidants May Make Cancer Worse.

Eschew the mega-doses. I’ve wondered about this. Everyone I knew using vitamin supplementation for cancer seemed to end up with an accelerated demise.

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Archaeology News Network: Reeves - Tutankhamun’s treasures may have originally belonged to Nefertiti

Making the most of his time in the spotlight. Hope he’s right.

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Dazed: People under 25 ‘don’t deserve living wage’, says minister.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that the Conservatives just really, really, really hate young people. They’ve cut their benefits, sent them to boot camps and destroyed university fees and funding – and now, for the hell of it, they’re not including them in their highly lauded ‘living wage’ scheme either. According to Cabinet Office minister Matthew Hancock, this is a perfectly justifiable decision. Why? Because people under the age of 25 are just ‘not as productive’ as older workers.” %@%@$#%$@

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OpenCulture: 20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq, Adding New Details.

Boss. I still suspect we’ll learn more of early Bible tales, in the archaeology of Iraq.

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Moz: Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too.

Fantastic article. Right on the money, IMHO.

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Photo shoot early; links soon.

Making hay ...

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Bicycling/Fascinating Rides: Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Memories. Never had one, but drooled over them in a catalog.

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Autoweek: VW customer loyalty incentive cash - $2000 toward a gas or hybrid Volkswagen.

Existing VW owners will receive $2,000 toward the purchase or lease of any new VW gasoline or hybrid model ...” When in doubt, try a bribe (esp. one you can amortize or write off).

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NPR: FAA Proposes Nearly $2 Million Fine To Drone Operator For Restricted Flights.

Drone operators, take note. The FAA’s woken up.

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ArtDaily: Very rare four-rotor Enigma Machine leads Sale of Cipher Machines.

Okay, official ‘wow.’

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Authority Nutrition: 7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common.

Nice that AN lists edible remedies.

10/06/15 • 05:57 PM • HealthScience(2) Comments

wood s lot: Happy fifteen!

”... rich mud in burning rivulets ...”  We plod along, don’t we? Always smoldering. Best.

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In These Times: How California Birthed the Modern Right Wing.

After Creel issued a report on the baleful working conditions in the valley, an area newspaper—which, like most local institutions, was firmly in the growers’ pockets—wailed: ‘By all that is fair and just, have American farmers no rights over Communists and aliens?’

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Guardian.UK: Petition demands Maze Runner cast apologise for ‘thefts’ from Native burial site.

Air-headed actors/actresses. I hope they’re brought up on charges. Howzabout they help clean up Navajo lands, after the Animas River spill?

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SF New Mexican: Hurt mountain biker near Taos airlifted out.

Made me think ... we never see how many fails happen for every successful GoPro extreme sports video ...

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Mashable: Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving semitruck takes to public roads.

If a self-driving truck sounds like the beginning of a sequel to the 1978 film Convoy, don’t worry; a person has to remain behind the wheel. However, they will be a very relaxed person. That’s because as soon as Actros crosses the onramp threshold onto the freeway, it displays the ‘Highway Autopilot On’ message, alerting the driver that it is ready to take over control of the truck. The driver accepts the offer with the push of a button and Actros does the rest.” Well, there has to be a transition period.

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Guardian.UK: Afterlife - how hip replacements can end up in jet engines.

Given that these are most often implanted in the elderly, perhaps there should be recycling discounts up-front, during hip surgery ...

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LR Solutions: Rolling back from 6.2. How hard can it be?

LR 6.2/2015.2 CC is apparently provoking problems in El Capitan. Info for rolling back - may be time-sensitive. I upgraded in Yosemite, and so far everything’s OK (knocks wood).

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FastCo: 8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas.

This is what I call the “SEO fluff article.” Is there any aspect of this that is unique or new, unexpected? Nope.

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NakedCap: TPP - It’s Not a Deal, It’s Not a Trade Deal, and It’s Not a Done Deal.

More info. No passage, until we read it in full.

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