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Bicycling/Fascinating Rides: Schwinn Sting-Ray.

Memories. Never had one, but drooled over them in a catalog.

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Autoweek: VW customer loyalty incentive cash - $2000 toward a gas or hybrid Volkswagen.

Existing VW owners will receive $2,000 toward the purchase or lease of any new VW gasoline or hybrid model ...” When in doubt, try a bribe (esp. one you can amortize or write off).

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NPR: FAA Proposes Nearly $2 Million Fine To Drone Operator For Restricted Flights.

Drone operators, take note. The FAA’s woken up.

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ArtDaily: Very rare four-rotor Enigma Machine leads Sale of Cipher Machines.

Okay, official ‘wow.’

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Authority Nutrition: 7 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Incredibly Common.

Nice that AN lists edible remedies.

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wood s lot: Happy fifteen!

”... rich mud in burning rivulets ...”  We plod along, don’t we? Always smoldering. Best.

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In These Times: How California Birthed the Modern Right Wing.

After Creel issued a report on the baleful working conditions in the valley, an area newspaper—which, like most local institutions, was firmly in the growers’ pockets—wailed: ‘By all that is fair and just, have American farmers no rights over Communists and aliens?’

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Guardian.UK: Petition demands Maze Runner cast apologise for ‘thefts’ from Native burial site.

Air-headed actors/actresses. I hope they’re brought up on charges. Howzabout they help clean up Navajo lands, after the Animas River spill?

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SF New Mexican: Hurt mountain biker near Taos airlifted out.

Made me think ... we never see how many fails happen for every successful GoPro extreme sports video ...

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Mashable: Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving semitruck takes to public roads.

If a self-driving truck sounds like the beginning of a sequel to the 1978 film Convoy, don’t worry; a person has to remain behind the wheel. However, they will be a very relaxed person. That’s because as soon as Actros crosses the onramp threshold onto the freeway, it displays the ‘Highway Autopilot On’ message, alerting the driver that it is ready to take over control of the truck. The driver accepts the offer with the push of a button and Actros does the rest.” Well, there has to be a transition period.

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Guardian.UK: Afterlife - how hip replacements can end up in jet engines.

Given that these are most often implanted in the elderly, perhaps there should be recycling discounts up-front, during hip surgery ...

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LR Solutions: Rolling back from 6.2. How hard can it be?

LR 6.2/2015.2 CC is apparently provoking problems in El Capitan. Info for rolling back - may be time-sensitive. I upgraded in Yosemite, and so far everything’s OK (knocks wood).

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FastCo: 8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas.

This is what I call the “SEO fluff article.” Is there any aspect of this that is unique or new, unexpected? Nope.

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NakedCap: TPP - It’s Not a Deal, It’s Not a Trade Deal, and It’s Not a Done Deal.

More info. No passage, until we read it in full.

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The Millions: The Mind Behind the Page - On Writing What I Don’t Know.

Novels should not be read as memoir. Still, whether the novelist writes what she knows or what she imagines, her words can conjure a realer reality, one more potent and less illusory than our present distraction.” I don’t necessarily agree. Leaving sci-fi and fantasy to the side (because this question is moot - they can never actually experience their fiction) ... if you read a contemporary book about the West, it never can compare to the descriptions in a Zane Grey. Yet I would have had to have lived here to appreciate the difference. Back East, I’d never have realized.

You know instantly who’s actually experienced the environment, the people. A better question might be, given the same subject matter, which author writes the better book - the one with the direct experience, or the one with imagination?

The imagination could make for a richer book.

I think too much.

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ArtDaily: Rare antique arcade and gambling machines up for bid.

Entertaining to try and guess ... what are we looking at every day, that in 20 years will be a valuable collectable?

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NY Times: Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Syracuse After Pilot Dies.

If you worry about such things, you can always take an AOPA “Pinch Hitter” course.

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DN: Dreamweaver: why not?

At least noone mentioned GoLive or FrontPage.

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William Reichard: Wandering, truant.


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PLOS One: Does Publication Bias Inflate the Efficacy of Treatment for Depressive Disorder?

The efficacy of psychological interventions for depression has been overestimated in the published literature, just as it has been for pharmacotherapy. Both are efficacious but not to the extent that the published literature would suggest.Via MeFi.

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Atlas Obscura: Hand of Hercules.

As one guide put it, ‘the rest of Hercules became Amman’s countertops.’” Keeping them clean is no doubt a fitting ... Herculean ... task.

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Boston Review: The Eternal Return of the Christian Nation.

The goal was to argue for individualism and individual salvation and against claims of a larger public good. They wanted to restore self-reliance and oppose unions and welfare. Just as the first advocates of Christian America had sought to intertwine republicanism and Christianity, the advocates of this new version sought to intertwine capitalism and Christianity.” I cannot fathom how such a good article can go for so many words and paragraphs without mentioning Deism or Thomas Paine. Still - read it. You’ll need it for the upcoming contest.

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Guardian.UK: Ben Bernanke says Wall Street executives should have gone to jail.

The minute I saw the title, I thought to myself, “book promotion shpiel.” Too little, too late, Ben. And I ain’t buyin’ your book, either.

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Guardian.UK: El Niño expected to hit US hard, but not enough to ease California drought.

The post-fire floods often do more damage than the fires themselves. Be prepared, if you’re in such an area.

Side note: Those guys in the photo are ROOFING, not ‘cleaning out debris basins’. You don’t take buckets of cold-patch tar up on the roof to clean debris.

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The Atlantic: Negotiators Have Reached a Deal on the TPP.

Damn. I want to see the full text.

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The Toast: Race, Immigration, and Hamilton - The Relevance of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s New Musical

If Alexander Hamilton is the show’s protester/agitator, then Aaron Burr — with his advice of ‘talk less / smile more’ — is the show’s Respectability Politic.” Which is the opposite of actual history. Also the talk of immigration ... I have to laugh. As far as I’m concerned, the moral right sits with the “Return America to the Americans” movement - FedExing a few hundred million Caucasians back to Europe.

Read Vidal’s Burr.

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Boston Globe: A revolution rattling the world of organ music.

It doesn’t seem like there’s an artist sitting down and sculpting a brand new instrument. A collection of things, yes, but not an instrument.

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ArtDaily: “Martin Boyce: When Now is Night”

Some art just escapes me.

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Flickr: Project Apollo Archive.

Allow significant time.

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Italian Ways: The Hendrik Christian Andersen House-Museum in Rome.

Amazing work ... with a pretty amazing backstory.

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