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NPR: ‘Paper Love’ - Box Of Love Letters Reveals Grandfather Didn’t Escape WWII With ‘Everyone’.

Sounds amazing.

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365/2: 327.

365/2: 327.

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PS Mag: The Long War Between Highbrow and Lowbrow.

Shakespeare was The Avengers of the 19th century. To say that Shakespeare was The Avengers, though, is to say, in part, that Shakespeare was not high culture at all. Instead, Shakespeare was popular culture — and treated as such.

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Italian Ways: Genius unnoticed – the Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum in Parcines.


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naked cap: Who Will Wind Up Holding the Bag in the Shale Gas Bubble?

The taxpayer, ultimately.

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SF New Mexican: Officials - Hiker found north of Santa Fe ski basin died of hypothermia.

In late JULY, note. When we’re nearly at our hottest temps. I keep banging on about this, but you can so easily be hiking, have a thunderstorm crest those mountains, and experience a 60 degree temperature drop in minutes. I see so many people, too far from the trailheads, woefully unprepared.  I do stop and advise (gently), when there’s an opportunity.

Science of Us/Sleep Hack: Keep Your Feet Outside Your Covers.

I seem to have inherited this habit from my maternal grandmother. Cover my feet, I get too hot, can’t sleep. At least one foot has to have fresh air. Weirdsville, but ... it works.

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BarnFinds: Period Nasty Boy - 1956 Austin-Healey 100.

Quite the project. I ran into a Midget once, with a Chevy carburetor *welded* to the top of the MG engine. Wires all over the top, strung from side to side. The depredations these poor British cars had to suffer in America!  Anyway, thought you might like to see a particularly beautiful one, from Santa Fe Concorso.

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Science of Us: How Much Can You Really Change After 30?

It’s not that personality is fixed and can’t change. [snip] But it’s relatively stable and consistent. What you see at 35, 40 is what you’re going to see at 85, 90.” Note in particular what they say about newborns; I reference Hillman’s “acorn theory.” When you have a child you’re not so much creating a personality, as revealing it.

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365/2: 326. Hydrometeors and snow virga.

365/2: 326.

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Art of VFX: GODZILLA - VFX Breakdown by MPC.

The blue fire is worth the view, IMHO.

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Vox: Why vitamin D pills are probably worthless for most people.

Oh, piffle. Depends on which studies you cherry-pick. I don’t think there’s a single vitamin that’s done more noticeable good for me. SAD, fitness, you name it. Get tested if you think you need it; ignore mere news reports.

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BarnFinds: The Big Boy - 1937 Terraplane Pickup.

Hudson, to be precise. Like something the Mafia would stick you in, along with bags of concrete, scooting you oh so stylishly to your destiny.

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PS Mag: Yes, Republicans Can Still Win the White House.

Of course they can. The closest-to-center wins, usually. Remember “Reagan Democrats”? I found the referenced article (“Blue Wall”) an invitation for Democratic complacency. That’s a strategy for catastrophic loss, IMHO.

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Youtube: Antares rocket explosion from the launch pad.

My ears hurt, even with the sound turned down.

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The Luminous Landscape: Samsung NX1 First Impressions.

One look at the specs, you’ll go cross-eyed. Lack of lens options, however.

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OpenCulture: The Wisdom of Alan Watts in Four Thought-Provoking Animations.

Fun, but he conflates Zen and Taoism, as many in the West do. The story of the farmer is straight from Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi).  Better to get it from the original, from one of my favorite books. [Caveat: Published by the Princeton University Press, when my best friend was an editor there.]

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WSJ: Drone Flights Face FAA Hit.

Paywall blocks reading it for me, but some of you may have access. Sounds like the FAA is going restrictive, as I expected.

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Mashable: ‘Mockingjay’ box office is best of the year, worst of the franchise.

Yes, however noone wants to imagine themselves part of Panem or living in the districts. The split-finale routine started with Harry Potter, right? Everyone wanted that fantasy extended.  It’s a good bet for The Hobbit.  But The Hunger Games? I would have left it a trilogy - it’s the story, not the fantasy. A lesson, perhaps: Never extend the dystopian hero’s journey for profit-making reasons.

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Yahoo News/AP Exclusive: Letter that inspired Kerouac found.

Written by Neal Cassady. “The letter is so good, and you see why these guys loved him. [snip] The writing, it just breathes off the page.”  I think we all want to take a gander at this one.

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The Believer/Logger: How Writers Read (Vol. 1).

Hmmm. Off on a bit of a tangent, I was just commenting the other day how modern fiction is filthy with description. Classics are spare; they rely on imagination or reader-knowledge of the situations and locations of which they speak. Today, novelists give us painfully detailed description of things that have no bearing on the plot. I’m not sure if it is pointing to a lack of imagination in the reading public, or simply the plethora of bad ‘how to write’ books. Nevertheless, I keep turning from the modern to the ancient for my reading materials. Top of mind, after my latest library run ...

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PS Mag: They Steal Babies, Don’t They?

Children were being shipped quickly into international adoption, being made available as young as a few days or months — which meant that there had been no effort whatsoever to help out the birth family, and no effort to place the child with extended family or community. Money, in other words, was distorting the system, vacuuming children out of Ethiopia for profit.” My italic emphasis. I call that kidnapping, at the very least.

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NY Times: Where Oil and Politics Mix.

Reluctant landowners standing in the way of progress.” A lot of big money behind fracking; they steamroll rather than negotiate. No municipalities have regulations or laws in place for the onslaught, other than the 1860’s mining law.

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Telegraph.UK: Neil Gaiman - Why Disney’s Sleeping Beauty doesn’t work.

The point about Snow White is that you can keep fighting. The point about Snow White is that even when those who are meant to love you put you in an intolerable situation, you can run away, you can make friends, you can cope. And that message [he says with a smile of satisfaction] that even when all is at its darkest, you can think your way out of trouble – is huge.

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365/2: 325. Diptych.

365/2: 325.

Snowstorms leaving the area, and the resulting sunset. Quite the show today, Mother Nature.

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I can see snow falling in just about all the surrounding mountain ranges.

Winter’s coming! Gotta break out the snowshoes. Excited.

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ThinkProgress: Cleveland Police Shoot And Kill 12-Year-Old Carrying A Fake Gun.

This was a problem even when I was a kid. I used to have a really realistic Luger cap-pistol in the ‘60’s - it could have been my one-way ticket to a dirt nap. Never let your kids out in public spaces with these damned things; especially now that the police are gearing up with military tech.

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Fubiz: Leather Belt Home Covering.

Cool idea. Problem is, once this gets on the ‘net (and meta-linked on Pinterest), I’ll go to the local thrift stores and old belts will jack up in price - or be completely gone.

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NY Daily News: Bill Cosby paid off women says ex-NBC employee.

He’s finished. The handlers have started talking. I was going to post yesterday that this was too large of an operation to be a one-person deal. It needed coordination ... booking flights, renting cars, maintaining security. Many are complicit.

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The Verge: Adobe’s got Photoshop running in Chrome.

Yeah, but don’t get all excited: “The application is downloaded via the Chrome Web Store, and when you open it up you’re actually connecting to a server which is running the desktop version of Photoshop CC 2014. The UI of the desktop version is captured as a video and sent to your browser, where javascript relays your actions back to the server, completing the interactive loop.” Better have a fast hookup; delays in UI get up my nose.

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Guardian.UK: Taxpayers to fund hundreds of fracking boreholes across the country.

One of the most bone-headed concepts I’ve ever heard. Every single one of those boreholes will have to be capped with concrete, and then monitored in perpetuity. Paid for by taxpayers, of course. “Manage the subsurface safely.”  What a crock.

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365/2: 324. Blue skies on today’s hike, looking towards Lamy, NM.

365/2: 324.

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Brain Mic: There’s a Suicide Epidemic in Utah — And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why.

Altitude, really? Flagging this for further study results.

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Daily Beast: Hillary Adviser/Bush-Portman Ticket Could Doom Dems in 2016.

But closer-to-centers win, generally speaking. They should grow beards and run as the vintage/hipster ticket, really.

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CosmosUp: Astronomers Find Cluster of Quasars Aligned Perfectly Across Billion Light Years.

Nature, or proof of intelligent life ... ?  (ducking.)

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BBC: Pilgrims flock to Goa to see Saint Francis Xavier remains.

All well and good, but dig deeper and read about this Saint’s life and travels.

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Supercharged.FR: Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo.

A new Chaparral? Pretty swoopy.

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io9: This 2000-Year-Old Pigment Can Eliminate The Third Dimension.

So cool. The Chinese had ‘flat UI’ before we did.

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365/2: 323. There’s nothing like the smell of frying/roasting peppers ...

365/2: 323.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient Coptic ‘Handbook of Spells’ deciphered.

This codex, with its mix of Sethian and Orthodox Christian invocations, may in fact be a transitional document, written before all Sethian invocations were purged from magical texts, the researchers said.” Cool. So much was destroyed by Christian zealots of later periods, chipping and burning ‘heresies’.

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