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SciAm: Federal Dollars Are Financing the Water Crisis in the West.

The colossal Navajo Generating Station, which burns 22,000 tons of coal a day in large part to push water hundreds of miles across Arizona, is among the nation’s biggest greenhouse gas polluters, contributing to the very climate change that is exacerbating the drought.” You start talking water in the West, you’d better be packing heat. Just sayin’.  It’s way beyond a ‘hot button’ issue.

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The New Yorker: The Cinema Isn’t a Place; It’s An Idea.

... distributors have been using the Times policy to generate free advertising for themselves. That’s why the policy change is good news: distributors can no longer, in effect, buy themselves coverage.

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Co.Design: The Kindle Finally Gets Typography That Doesn’t Suck.

Nice step. Now, how about cleaning up the skanky formatting on some books that break sentences?

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Archaeology News Network: Lethal wounds on skull may indicate 430,000 year-old murder.

Evidence for interpersonal violence in the human fossil record is relatively scarce, and this would appear to represent the coldest cold case on record.” They should call Columbo — that series was filmed back in the Pleistocene, or so a young friend of mine recently intimated ...

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Archaeology News Network: HMS Erebus dive ‘just scratching the surface’ of Franklin expedition myste

I may be the minority, but I’d rather see the objects on the wreck in situ, rather than everything you’re bringing to the surface.

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DP Review: f-stop gear introduces four additions to its Mountain Series of tough terrain bags.

Ooooh. I wonder if a rental house will pick some up.

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FishbowlNY: Anthony Bourdain Follows Website Investment with Content Curation.

Roads & Kingdoms seems another Medium knockoff, with shades of Exposure.co, pointed at a specific niche. I have to say it, I see many of these around.

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Telegraph.UK: Rex Harrison ‘treated colleagues like dirt and phoned his lovers too loudly’.

Oh my.

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The Atlantic: Selling the Desert’s Water-Conservation Lessons to the Rest of the World.

Sadly, unwisely, most of NM farmers still use flood irrigation.

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PDN: “SuicideGirls” Deliver Clever Response to Richard Prince’s Instagram Grab.

... SuicideGirls have ‘the original hires images to work from, whereas he only had the lo-res Instagram images. I bet ours look better.’

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FishbowlNY: The Economist Gets a Proper Canadian Rebuke.

Vienna, Vancouver and Geneva always seemed to do well. Pleasant cities, yes, but mind-numbingly boring. What right-minded person would rank Vienna a better city than Rio, or Vancouver preferable to Paris?” Ooooh, them’s fightin’ words. I know a couple o’ folks who’ll take umbrage ...

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NY Times: Anxious Students Strain College Mental Health Centers.

God help them if they get addicted to benzos ... probably all too easy, in a college environment.

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TG’s Political Wire: Are Democrats Now More Extreme Than Republicans?

No. As I’ve said before, the Center has moved significantly Rightwards since 1980. Left only looks more extreme in comparison, to those who were not alive prior to 1980.

I have to face it, I’m gettin’ old ...

Later: Yep, Dems more extreme ... not.

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AppleInsider: Latest OS X beta ditches buggy discoveryd, replaced with mDNSResponder.

Keeping a weather-eye on this. They get this fixed, I’ll schedule my OS X upgrade.

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Cool Hunting: Storied Cars of Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2015.

More photos! More photos!

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Authentic Jobs: Designers at Hillary for America.

If you’re looking, this could be very entertaining.

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Yahoo: Actor Sam Shepard arrested for drunken driving in Santa Fe.

The second actor in short order.

I have to say, some joints mix powerful drinks. There’s a particular place I’ve gone to, where a single margarita successfully socked me between the eyes and rendered me unable to walk. [I’ve not returned. And no, I didn’t drive.]

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The Atlantic: The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Secret Ghostwriters of Children’s Fiction.

1905? Bah. Atlantic, vet your articles better. Mid-1800’s. Dumas was the first to turn ghostwriting into a cottage industry; small-scale, sure, but his remains the dominant archetype.

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The Register.UK: Creationist - ‘The Flintstones’ was an accurate portrayal of dino-human coexistence

Now I feel cheated I didn’t have a pet brontosaurus.

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AP/Big Story: Bill Clinton company shows complexity of family finances.

Because the company, WJC, LLC, has no financial assets, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was not obligated to report its existence in her recent financial disclosure report.” Pass-throughs.

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Vox Media Acquires Re/code Owner Revere Digital.


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Smithsonian: Why We’d Be Better Off if Napoleon Never Lost at Waterloo.

In war, the game is always with him who commits the fewest faults.” An observation that Iraq revisionists should listen to.

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WaPo/APNewsBreak: IRS says thieves stole tax info from 100,000.

The IRS said the thieves accessed a system called ‘Get Transcript.’ In order to access the information, the thieves cleared a security screen that required knowledge about the taxpayer, including Social Security number, date of birth, tax filing status and street address.

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NPR: Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At 75.

RIP, good lady.  Try ‘Celebrities’ on her website. One of my faves.

05/26/15 • 03:04 PM • HistoryPhotography1 Comment

NY Times: In Flight.

OK. The animations are just childish ... did we really need them? Why not use real video, if you feel the article needs that kind of embellishment?

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Western Digs: Fire Reveals Human Stone Effigy, Bison-Kill Site in Montana.

Among the formations are two large effigies — or figures made from arrangements of stones — one of a human and the other, perhaps, of a turtle. The burn also exposed six rock cairns, a multitude of stone tipi rings, and dozens of so-called drive lines — alignments of large boulders that ancient hunters used to chase bison into a killing pen.” Pretty cool find.

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PS Mag: No to Vaccination - A Cultural Explanation.

Opposition to vaccination becomes, for many, intertwined with their perception of themselves as intelligently skeptical (a.k.a., superior) parents.” Los Alamos has this problem. Tons of PhD’s, tons of antivaxxers.

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Macworld: We miss you, Clarus the dogcow.

It’s hard for old-school Mac users like me to let go of the idea that the more cheerful, slightly-crazy, what-the-hell-is-that-thing-anyway approach is better.” *sigh* Agreed.

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Farnam Street Blog: How to Read A Book

Would that school effectively taught switching between the levels. Most would just chuck a book at you.

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Chronicle of Higher Ed: Mortal Motivation.

While thinking about death directly [snip] folks do rational things to get away from it, like trying to get healthy. It’s when death lurks on the fringes of consciousness that they cling to worldviews and seek self-esteem.

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MessyNessyChic: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War.

Before the President or Congress marches off to war again they should view — and contemplate — this.

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A great deal of chaotic energy aloft.

A great deal of chaotic energy aloft ...

This stuff will be heading towards TX shortly.

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Telegraph.UK: Mary Renault’s hardcore classicism.

It is the mark of little men to like only what they know; one step beyond and they feel the black cold of chaos.

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DesignYouTrust: Arizona Desert “Boneyard”.

You’ve seen links like this before. Except this one has background on each of the aircraft; they each have a story.

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I understand John Nash and wife have died in a car accident.

I wrote a piece a few years ago about my experience of John Nash during his ‘dark period’ in Princeton, over on Quora.

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Youtube: Jeff Beck & Jimmy Hall - Red House (4-25-15).

After 5. Crank it.

Extra points: Jeff does The Thrill is Gone as an encore the day after BB passed on.

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Solved by Flexbox — Cleaner, hack-free CSS.

Of interest.

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Meat! - Git for Web Developers.

Another Git service to take note of.

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Guardian.UK: Denton, Texas, banned fracking last year - then the frackers fought back.

Oil and gas is allowed in every zone [in Denton, yet] bakeries aren’t allowed in every zone because there’s a bit of morning truck traffic.” I suppose they could hire some biker toughs from Waco. The state isn’t going to lift a finger.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient shipyard used by Admiral Zheng He may lie beneath construction sit

Wow. Noteworthy is the fact that ‘austerity’ destroyed Zheng He’s 3,500 ship fleet in 1525. So much for Confucianism. History repeats thusly [thinking of other voyages of discovery we need to commit to].

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