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365/2: 236. The precious gift of rain.

365/2: 236.

They’re tearing up our road again - gravel on the westbound side.  Lots of traffic noise - sorry. [Click through to Flickr to play video.]

Later: Storms breaking up.

Guardian.UK: Global warming is already here and could be irreversible, UN panel says.

The warnings keep piling up.

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Italian Ways: The Bianchina’s good fortune.

A tinycar for the discerning collector. Audrey Hepburn drove one around Paris.

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DesignYouTrust: GoPro Fetch. Mount a GoPro to your pooch.

You know, might be a really useful tool for search & rescue folks.

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The Register.UK: That 8TB Seagate MONSTER? It’s here ... Have a look (sans specs).

Precious little info, really. But worth keeping an eye on.

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JasonOrmand: A pro tip for reducing visual noise in OSX.

Of interest.

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Designer News: How much time do you guys need to complete a 10 page website?

The comments.  Surprised noone’s responded to the ‘guys’ thing yet.

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DP Review: Fujifilm X30 First Impressions Review.

A lot of buzz, a lot of articles today. Slide to the last two paragraphs.

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Wired: Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New App, Is Like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand.

Um ... I’ve been using Emulsio (iDevices) for a while now to smooth out smartphone/tablet video. No hipster cred, but it doesn’t impose that fast-speed routine on your footage.

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OpenCulture: The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Most Popular Physics Book Ever Written, Now Completely

Noted, bookmarked.

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Macworld: 5 iOS apps to easily manage your Twitter account.

Hmmm. I’ve just been using the plain Twitter app so far, though I use Tweetbot on the iMac. Perhaps I should ‘upgrade’ my iPhone to one o’ these.  Any prefs, peeps?

08/26/14 • 11:28 AM • Social MediaSoftware(4) Comments

BikeEXIF: Indian Scout by Analog Motorcycles.

Sweet. Read the text to see how custom is actually is (styrofoam bucks from which the aluminum artistes crafted tank and tail, for instance).

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Dazed: Grimes turns down her Ice Bucket Challenge nomination.

Last Friday, Pamela Anderson declined her Ice Bucket Challenge nomination on the grounds that the ALS Association has a poor record of testing on animals. Over the weekend, Grimes has followed suit and turned down Canadian DJ Richie Hawtin’s nom, announcing that she’d be happy to give the money to a charity – just not the ALS organisation that kickstarted the charity challenge.

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Dazed: No ice? Gaza is doing the Rubble Bucket Challenge.

If you haven’t got ice ...

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Youtube: F1 2014 Belgian GP - Huge Crash For Konsantin Tereschenko.

I’ll tumble 4 ya ...

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Paris Review: What Makes a Classic Endure?

Manzoni famously announced that The Betrothed would reach only “twenty-five readers,” yet his book became a national treasure. Its inability to attract a non-Italian audience isn’t the result of its artistic shortcomings, but of the nature of its questions and themes, which simply don’t appeal to a contemporary audience.” Cross-culture is why our movies are getting dumbed-down into action flicks, with no emotional nuance.

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alexcornellblog: Why It’s Impossible to Make Plans Anymore.

Cellphones. So this writer maintains. I’d critique, but I have to call someone ...

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BBC: Burning Man closed on opening day by rain.

‘Smoldering Man’ doesn’t quite have the same cachet ...

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Hyperallergic: Cultural Destruction by Islamic State Continues with No End in Sight.

The opening GIF animation pretty much says it all.

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365/2: 235. Sandra and Skeeter Doo.

365/2: 235.

Given the affinity, methinks a tinydog may be in my future.

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Writefully: Turn a Github Repo into a CMS.

Of interest.

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Archaeology News Network: Amphipolis tomb entrance gradually revealed.

More and more tantalizing. Read the comment, also.

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Barn Finds: 1955 Porsche 356 Continental.

Oh, ouch. I can, however, double down on their estimation of eventual worth. Fixing it to concours shape, you could make a tidy profit on the project. Six figures virtually guaranteed.

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NPR Interview: Benedict Carey, Author Of ‘How We Learn’.

Uh-huh. As I’ve mentioned copiously over the years, the ancient Greeks walked their students around while teaching. Seeing as how so much of ancient Greek knowledge is still kicking around, I think that proves out the theory of benefit.

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Observer.UK: Why I love my Leica.

That kit was invented 100 years ago this year in Wetzlar, a small town in Germany, where a 35-year-old technician invented a camera that would shape the way we perceived the world for the rest of the 20th century.”  100 years of Leica, that optimal form-factor. Longer read, short for a history, eminently worth it.

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Vulture: Is It Possible to Even Imagine Utopia Anymore?

Hmmm. After reading Howey’s Wool, dystopian novels just ain’t the same.  Where can one go, after such a tour de force?

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NY Times: Richard Attenborough, Actor, Director and Giant of British Film, Dies at 90.

RIP, good sir. You will be sorely missed.

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NPR: Viewer Beware - Watching Reality TV Can Impact Real-Life Behavior.

This is one form of media that may appear harmless, but I think our research provides a little bit of evidence that there can be some negative outcomes as well.

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Catching up after the weekend.

It’ll take me a while to parse the built-up overage of feeds and get some work done ... unless I perform a “Simmons” and hit ‘Mark All Read’.  We’ll see how long I last before I implode.

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365/2: 234. “Play it again, Sam.”

365/2: 234.

Had the nicest compliment today. “Experiencing all this was wonderful, but having your imagery to remember it by makes it magical.”

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365/2: 233. Butterfly Dancers at SWAIA Indian Market today.

365/2: 233. Butterfly dancers.

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365/2: 232.  Cast Iron shapes.

365/2: 232.

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Calibre 2.0 is available.

Own your ebooks.

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DP Review: Pics.io, a browser-based Raw editor built on Google Drive, goes live with public beta.

Instead of storing your images on its own servers, Pics.io connects to your Google Drive account. Not only does this provide you with an extremely reliable cloud connection, but it also means that you won’t lose your photos if you stop using the Pics.io service, or they ever shut down.

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365/2: 231. Cobalt blue skies today, gorgeous wispy clouds.

365/2: 231.

There was also a gorgeous sundog at sunset, but I was too busy flappin’ my gums.  Visitors for Indian Market. Those of you who know me directly, know how fast and relentless I can be when I start talking history and culture ...

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SP Review: Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial.

Check the pic. OR ... you could just rent a real professional video camera.

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Dissent: Presidential ADD.

No topic seems to hold his interest very long, and so he bounces around without ever persuading the American public.” Given that, the perfect President for our burgeoning social media culture.

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Vogue.UK: Kate Moss Champagne Glass Coupe 34.

To celebrate the supermodel’s 25 years working in the fashion industry, Mayfair restaurant 34 has modelled a champagne coupe on Moss’s left breast.” Okay. Consider this as further invigorating my ‘eclectic’ cred. I have your breast interests at heart.

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PC World: New browser extension warns you when articles are paid for by advertisers.

Might actually be handy.

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Medium: Last Call. (For print newspapers, that is.)

Contrary to the contrived ignorance of media reporters, the future of the daily newspaper is one of the few certainties in the current landscape: Most of them are going away, in this decade.” A must-read. Via George Kelly on G+.

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