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NY Times Review: Shania Twain in Concert Recalls Glory Days.

Ms. Twain, at 49, isn’t the same singer she was before what she called her sabbatical. Her voice has lost some of its perky sweetness; it has a rasp in it now, and she sings some of her hits in lower keys.” Yeah, I’ve never taken to anything Elton’s done since his voice issues. Perhaps some things have to say on vinyl (or silicon).

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BBC: Airbus signs deal for second plant in China.

Given the quality of the goods I’ve seen from China lately, I sincerely hope we’re not talking carbon fibre manufacturing.

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TechDirt: Leaked TPP Chapter Shows How It’s A Massive Gift To Big Pharma And Against Public Health.

Oppose TPP. Let your Congresspeople know. Period.

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Vox: Bernie Sanders’ $15 million fundraising haul is a really big deal.

The Vermont senator banked $15 million, a surprisingly robust fundraising haul, in the three months that ended June 30. It’s one-third of the $45 million that Hillary Clinton hauled in for the second fundraising quarter of the year. But the number of donors — 250,000 — suggests Sanders will be able to go back to the well to keep his campaign running.” Good for Bernie. Make it a horserace, son. American needs it.

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Macworld: Users experiencing mangled music libraries in iTunes 12.2.

Just an FYI.  And more info.

Later: Proposed fix.

Even later: Apparently Home Sharing is gone, ostensibly due to licensing restrictions. According to the source, you can retain it if you have an AppleTV.

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BikeEXIF: Dicer Bikes’ motorized bicycle.


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Coolist: 1938 Adler Trumpf Rennlimousine.

Most Beautiful”? Looks like a car out of a vintage cartoon, IMHO.

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Glutened. Again.

This time, I wasn’t careful about spices. A brand of chili powder is now made on ‘shared equipment’.

When something as innocuous as a *spice* can kick your butt for three days, you see why going out to eat becomes an act of bravado. Restaurants, even the best, don’t pay attention at this level of detail.

I turned into a vegetating blob of protoplasm yesterday afternoon. I’m starting to be able to think today, with a thin veneer of energy.  I can’t stand ... really can’t stand ... having to pay this much attention to food additives, food manufacturing, ingredients.  I never wanted to be a blasted clerk. Mass production of foodstuffs is going to do me in one of these days.  “Death by Chicken Nugget” ... wait for it. It’ll happen.

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HackedEducation: Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools?

Computers and mainframes and networks are points of control. They are tools of surveillance. Databases and data are how we are disciplined and punished. Quite to the contrary of Seymour’s hopes that computers will liberate learners, this will be how we are monitored and managed. Teachers. Students. Principals. Citizens. All of us.” Interesting; a bit too panicked about surveillance perhaps. A computer’s never yet reached out and whacked my wrist with a ruler.

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Vox: 3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake.

Pffft. When I read #3, I thought “Thereby, Vox loses whatever conservative readership they have left.”  Took some cojones to print that just before July 4.

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The Fully Intended: The Writer’s Dream.

For one so young, Mollie writes like the best of the old-school. With modern sensibility.

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Daily Beast: Ban Everything, Learn Nothing - ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Is Run Off The Road.

In our culture of instant offense, we ban before we think. However, banning isn’t a sign of strength or resolve, but an admission of defeat, of showing how little we have engaged with whatever the bigger issue that belies the ban.” My italics.

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DP Review: Sony - An eye on focus.

Hmmmm. The Metabones adapter for mating a Canon-mount lens to the Sony A7rII could make a camera-change to mirrorless rather painless ... and my 5D Mark II’s AF couldn’t really be worse.

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SciAm: Water Use Rises as Fracking Expands.

Oil and natural gas fracking, on average, uses more than 28 times the water it did 15 years ago, gulping up to 9.6 million gallons of water per well and putting farming and drinking sources at risk in arid states, especially during drought. Those are the results of a U.S. Geological Survey study published by the American Geophysical Union ...

In which case, the technique should be banned in any drought-risk area. Common sense, please?

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Archaeology News Network: Research shows how Spanish colonists changed life in the Middle Rio Grande

I was expecting to see a turnover in the mammals people ate – a change from wild mammals to introduced domesticates, like sheep, goats and cattle - relatively early in the 17th or early 18th century. You would start with wild fauna which would then be mostly replaced by things like sheep, and goats and cattle. [snip] What I actually found was that this change doesn’t seem to occur until very late in the game in the late 19th and early 20th century.”  History still lies very close to the skin here in New Mexico.

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Pacific Standard: ‘In the Morning, I’ll Be All Right’.

Particularly well-written.  So many memories.

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Mashable: Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant in Germany

The 22-year-old was part of a team that was setting up the stationary robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate, Hillwig said.” Perhaps I should start a new blog category called “Terminator Watch” ...

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Standpoint: Saving Greece [Sell Britain the Parthenon].

Very far-fetched, perhaps, but there is some precedent.

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Olivia de Havilland is 99!

Olivia is now the oldest living academy award recipient, having received her last Oscar in 1950, 65 years ago, for her role as Catherine Sloper in the Heiress.” Happy Birthday, my dear. Scarlett O’Hara was nothing compared to your sweet self.

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ArtDaily: ‘Nightscape’ - A light & sound experience by Klip collective opens at Longwood Gardens.

OOooh.  A way-too-short teaser video.

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FastCoDesign: Want To Be More Creative? Your Personality May Hold The Key.

Personality is an enduring trait throughout your life, whereas your ‘state’ measures something transient—it what’s you’re experiencing in the moment.

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KOB: Former CNN reporter shoots, kills armed robber at Westside motel.

The big news here in the state. Former CNN anchorwoman Lynn Russell and her husband were attacked. They both have CCWs, and together they played along with the assailant until one of them could arm themselves. Long story short, Ms Russell’s husband got to a gun first and is in the hospital, took three shots, two bullets in the abdomen. The assailant is dead.

Unsurprisingly, they recommend CCWs. Best wishes for your swift recovery, Mr de Caro.

Later: I have to comment further ... usually the most lethal things at a Motel 6 are the rugs. No, wait. And the bedspreads. I’ve been known to lay trails of clean towels from the bedside to the bathroom, some have been that bad.

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CJR: Under Spain’s gag law, covering the news could cost you.

The so-called Citizen Security Law makes it illegal to disseminate pictures, video and other content deemed “damaging” to Spain’s police and security forces. Coinciding with a wave of demonstrations over austerity programs and bank bailouts, the law criminalizes demonstrations in front of some government agencies and public buildings, and includes stiff fines for documenting the police response.” Keeping an eye on this kind of thing.

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SciAm: Cactus As Biofuel Could Help With Food-Versus-Fuel Fight.

Come. Take our invasive chain cholla cactus by the dumpsterload. And we’ll bless you.

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Guardian.UK: Reports of English’s demise in US have been greatly exaggerated, experts say.

It [the U.S.] has 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million who are bilingual – more than Colombia or Spain – and is on course to be the biggest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth, with Spanish the mother tongue of almost a third of its citizens.

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PoliticalWire: Bush Leads GOP Pack Nationally.

Told ya. ‘Twas only a matter of time. The players behind the scenes are falling into line now, I’d imagine.

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Bookseller: Publishers Association ‘busts myths’ on copyright.

It is time to debunk the long-pedalled myth that copyright is an obstacle to growth in the digital economy. When you look at the success of publishing and other creative industries in developing online products and services it is palpably untrue – copyright is the means by which the digital economy functions, allowing works to be made available to consumers and rewarding creators and the companies which invest in them.

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Atlantic: Don’t Call Kids ‘Smart’.

The idea of a fixed mindset, in which people are smart or not smart, stands in contrast to a growth mindset, in which people become intelligent and knowledgeable through practice.” Nice point.

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PS Mag: The American Diner at Age 143.

The diners (the real ones, at least) stand as a testament to a past that is in so many ways impossible to find. Go to rural America and you’re more likely to find a Target than a stationary train car serving eggs. You can’t find whatever’s lost in America; that America, too, has been lost.”  If you’ve never had the pleasure, please read Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon. Don’t ask, just run and buy it. Or grab it from the library (you’ll feel guilty you didn’t buy it, though). And make sure to have a nice hammock to read it in. Everything we miss, in one volume.

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Guardian.UK: Hope for Alzheimer’s treatment as researchers find licensed drugs halt brain degenerati

The scientists have chosen not to name the two drugs, which are currently used for conditions unrelated to dementia, to avoid the possibility of patients seeking to use them ahead of any clinical trial to prove their efficacy.” I say, that’s hardly fair.

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