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Return of the Cafe Racers: The Behemoth - Honda Goldwing Racer.

Love the look ... but the seat? Ride this for a few hours, you’ll never have children.

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DP Review: Eye-Fi to cease support for Pro X2 and earlier generation cards.


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Archaeology News Network: Seven shipwrecks located off the shores of the Greek island of Delos.

Check the depth. You could wade some of that. Remember Teddy Tucker, in Bermuda? He started off with a pail with a piece of glass inserted.

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ArtDaily: Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore dies at 84.

RIP. Sample of his style.

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The Atlantic: When Student Activists Refuse to Talk to Campus Newspapers.

Student activists at Smith College told student journalists they would be barred from a black-solidarity rally unless they vowed to ‘participate and articulate their solidarity with black students and students of color.’” One wonders what happens to these kids when they hit the real world, and it sticks a big fat finger in their eye.

06/30/16 • 07:40 PM • ChildhoodNewsScholarly1 Comment

MessyNessy: Greetings from California, the Hellish Oil-Pumping State of Yesteryear.

I wasn’t aware of this history, until I travelled to CA for business and was planted in a hotel room near an oil pump (camoflaged, but still smelly as all get-out).

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SF New Mexican: Douglas Schwartz, a “towering figure” in archaeology, dies.

Last year, Denise McCluggage. This year, Douglas Schwartz. All these amazing, astounding characters I have been fortunate to meet in Santa Fe are passing by. I should be grateful for the time I spent with them, but all I can think of is that they had so much more to give to the world. RIP, Doug. I hope to talk to one of your collaborators about my theory of where that mica you found at Arroyo Hondo came from ... and I can’t friggin’ believe you were eighty-seven. Seventies, yes. Eighties? No way.

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Youtube: Selfie Shoes.

You knew it had to happen.

06/29/16 • 08:43 PM • GeneralMobileMotion Graphics1 Comment

Guardian.UK: Trump may have broken law by seeking foreign political donations.

Oy vey. What a nerk.

06/29/16 • 07:32 PM • LawPoliticsTravel(3) Comments

Quartz: Man of the “Future Shock” - Remembering Alvin Toffler.

Many read it, but few expected it to happen. RIP.

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BillMoyers:The Political Industrial Complex: Government of, by and for… Consultants!

Of the more than $400 million into ‘independent expenditures’ to tout or troll candidates running for president and Congress this year, more than $500,000 has gone to pay consultants. Again, this does not include spending by dark money groups, which never have to disclose this level of detail about their expenditures. Who says politicians can’t create jobs?” My italic emphasis.

06/29/16 • 07:28 PM • EconomicsHuman RightsPolitics1 Comment

c|net: Google wants to show you all the data it’s collected about your online habits.

Useful or frightening? I have a feeling once I see it, I’ll want to go back to Pony Express and smoke-signals.

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TechDirt: Texas Judge Indicted For Making Secret 10-Year Deal With Red Light Camera Co.

Cameras have issued tickets to walls, parked vehicles, and many, many drivers obeying all traffic laws. Millions of dollars of refunds have been paid out by municipalities who once thought they’d have to do nothing more than sit back and let the cash roll in.” These things need to be removed from service. End of story. It would be just as fair to put a randomize script on the City’s events page, and send out bills.

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YT: Sully - Official Trailer [HD].

Looks good. But ... if the technical Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot requirements are shirked, it’ll lose me.

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Thought Merchants: Kauai and the Nā Pali coast by helicopter.

One of my favorite things I’ve ever done. If you visit Kauai, you HAVE to do it. And spend the extra cash on the longer flight - worth every penny.

06/29/16 • 06:53 PM • NaturePersonalTravel • No Comments

Nature/SciReports: Occupational markers and pathology of the castrato singer Gaspare Pacchierotti.

That ‘castrati’ were particularly tall has been known since antiquity, even Aristotle observed that ‘all animals, if operated on when young, become bigger than their unmutilated fellows’.” Didn’t know that.

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New Yorker: The Politics of the Benghazi Report.

Whether or not that is a tactical error for the Republicans, it is a loss for rational discourse.” By focusing on the tree, they lost the forest. A whole lot of 20/20 hindsight and armchair quarterbacking. No revelations.

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NY Times: How Trump’s Campaign Could Redraw Voter Allegiances.

Hmmm. I haven’t heard *one* Democrat espouse these views. EXCEPT. Blue collar, where one individual of my acquaintance feels his ignorance is not properly respected.

06/29/16 • 11:49 AM • HistoryPoliticsPsychology(3) Comments

OpenCulture: President Warren G. Harding’s Steamy Love Letters.

Oh, so much more interesting than Kardashian-ness or Trump-du-jour.

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DYT: Wedding Photo Shoot Goes Wrong After A Snake Makes A Surprise Appearance.

And you may think you’ve had a bad day. Make your photog walk the area first. Tripods and monopods are particularly good for ‘snake’ attractors, esp. if they’ve been out in the sun for a bit (snakes like to hit hotspots).

06/29/16 • 11:32 AM • GeneralNaturePhotography • No Comments

SciAm: Ancient Documents Reveal Sunspots, Auroras and Other Activity before Galileo.

Until Galileo kick-started modern astronomy in the early 1600s, the record of the sun’s activities was basically blank—or so scientists thought. To shed light on our star’s history, researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have begun to comb through ancient texts. So far they have found dozens of apparent references to sunspots, auroras and other solar events that date as far back as the seventh century

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MessyNessyChic: Streamliner Trains that Oozed the Elegance of Old World Travel.

I believe there is an old El Capitan car down at Lamy. I’ll have to recheck my photos. And one of the art-deco dining cars (triangular tables).

06/29/16 • 11:01 AM • HistorySanta Fe LocalTravelVehicles • No Comments

HyperAllergic: World’s Oldest Operating Photo Studio Closes in India.

Too bad we can’t just add ‘fixative.’

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AppleInsider: Users upset by Evernote price hikes & two-device limit for free Basic customers.

Well. If you’re PO’d and on a Mac, check out EagleFiler. I liked Yojimbo very much, but it’s pretty much dead. EF is still getting updates and ‘keeping the faith.’ [I am currently using Evernote ...]

Later: Forgot, Volker - even before the price hike - prefers OneNote.

06/29/16 • 10:49 AM • ApplePersonalSmall BusinessSoftware • No Comments

Dazed: Far-right group look for non-existent migrants in empty camp.

Pffft. In America, they would have been waltzing around with AR-15s.

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DP Review: Cactus promises 1/8000sec flash sync with V6 II transceiver, new version for Sony users.

My V6 v1’s have been rock-solid. Except. Don’t leave batteries in them. They will be dead next time you pull out the triggers.

06/28/16 • 11:27 AM • PersonalPhotography • No Comments

Aeon: Want to build a just society? John Rawls said to start by ignoring your identity.

Hmmm. I’ve always thought this idea would work best if there were a majority religion that believed in immediate reincarnation upon decease. Odds of being reborn into an affluent society are pretty small. We’d start floating all boats pretty damned quick.

06/28/16 • 11:11 AM • EconomicsHuman RightsPoliticsPsychology1 Comment

The Millions: There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer.

You’ve only failed when you’ve stopped trying.” Sort of like blogging (wink).

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NY Times: Educate Your Immune System.

Interesting. After a year or so of riding NJ Transit (railway petri dishes), my immunity became pretty robust. An occasional cold, but that’s it. Never a flu.

06/28/16 • 10:32 AM • HealthScience(3) Comments

NY Times: Brexit Proponents’ False Promises Crumble.

They peddled exaggerations and lies to frustrated and angry Britons, some of whom have legitimate grievances about economic insecurity.

Okay, kids. You see the problem here, yes? WHERE WAS THE NEWS MEDIA? Where were the debunking articles? The in-depth stories? This is a HUGE warning for our upcoming election. You’re subscribed to entertainment rags, not hard journalism sources.

We have to start demanding better from journalism. Facts, not innuendo. No editorializing but on the Editorials page. More.

THIS is our challenge for the future. What is “news”? What is legitimate “journalism” in the internet age, when clickthroughs pay the bills? How can we have real news without sensationalism or fantasy?

06/28/16 • 10:16 AM • Human RightsNewsPersonalPolitics • No Comments
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