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Hodinkee: The ‘Dirty Dozen,’ A Collection Of 12 (Mostly) Inexpensive Military Watches.

Beware. Many watches of WWII vintage have radium dials. Enough to set off geiger counters, and perhaps give you accelerated skin cancer. And you could get thrown in the slammer for carrying WMDs.

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Vox: Clinton ally - she will back TPP. Clinton campaign - no, we won’t, we promise!

Oh, for heaven’s sake. With friends like this ...

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Vox: A Clinton presidency will greatly boost women’s representation in politics.

Hold on a second. Did Obama’s Presidency boost black/minority representation in politics? It’s been doing a slow rise for years, Obama seems not to have had a huge impact. And these Presidential nominees are awfully white-bread-shade. File this under “remains to be seen.”

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Guardian.UK: Treasure hunter who went looking for $2m in gold found dead in New Mexico.

Well, they finally discovered his remains.

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Vox: How the DNC roll call vote managed to avoid disaster.

I spoke to several of them on Monday and Tuesday, and they said doing so was important as a symbolic demonstration of how many delegates Sanders had received in the primary — a way of recording for the history books how many votes he had received.

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BBC: Clinton gets Democratic nomination.

In a symbolic gesture of party unity, former Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders took the microphone to move to suspend the procedural rules and declare Mrs Clinton as the nominee.” Nice of Bernie. Congratulations, Ms Clinton! History made.

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The Nation: Tell Democrats to Boycott Big-Oil Propaganda Events at the DNC.

Climate Hawks Vote has launched a petition calling for members of the Democratic Party to boycott any events hosted by the American Petroleum Institute.

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The Nation: Obama Administration Has Brokered More Weapons Sales Than Any Other Admin Since WWII.

Why do other major US exports—from Hollywood movies to Midwestern grain shipments to Boeing airliners—garner regular coverage while trends in weapons exports remain in relative obscurity?” Big, big business.

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Political Wire: Democratic Convention Gets Higher Ratings.

No such thing as negative publicity.

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Economist Daily chart: The economics of Donald Trump’s wall.

Looks like they did my same calculations, only better. Bravo. Thanks to @belledejour_uk on Twitter.

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Were the DNC emails ‘tampered with’?

This is the original article for this rumor, being widely misinterpreted. Scroll down to paragraph beginning “The metadata in the leaked documents ...” and read from there (if you want to cut to the chase on this subject).

Money quote: “Although so far the actual content of the leaked documents appears not to have been tampered with, manipulation would fit an established pattern of operational behaviour in other contexts, such as troll farms or planting fake media stories.”

The media is presenting this all over the ideological map. Beware what/who you believe on this one.

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c|net: Microsoft Word wants to help you with your homework.

FYI, Office 365.

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Atlas Obscura: The Miseducation of John Muir.


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Political Wire: Is Putin Trying to Meddle in the U.S. Election?

Theory-du-jour. I’m expecting some wag to accuse Bernie supporters (“Leftists”) of working with Russia, bringing McCarthyism back to a head.

Trump isn’t the only one with Russian connections. VERY IMPORTANT, if you’re interested in Russian influence, that you read this article about Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. NY Times link, not Breitbart, so we conservative-source-dislikers can’t poo-poo it. You will wonder why, as I do, that nothing has ever been followed up on.

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Guardian.UK: Harrison Ford could have died in Star Wars set incident, court hears.

Han Solo’s tough. Plane/helicopter crashes, having the Millenium Falcon door dropped on him, he prevails.

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SF New Mexican: Proposal for food trucks on Canyon Road moves through committee.

Um ... bathrooms and garbage come to mind. Bathrooms in particular, are in short supply on Canyon’s mile-plus stretch. The City even *advertises* some private bathrooms as being public in their printed materials. That’s not right. Build some bogs, legislators. You’ll have more tourists taking the walk.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Excessive arrest’ of minorities – not police violence – explain deaths.

Apparently it isn’t about race, because it’s about race ... ?

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DP Review: Venus Optics to launch ‘world’s widest F2.8 rectilinear lens’.

Welcome. From what I can tell via the video, look for excessive softness in the corners of the frame. The Sigma 12-24 has the same problem. Rent it first!

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AuthorityNutrition: Meat - Good or Bad?

As with most things, moderation seems to be key. And don’t prefer well-done (as I tend to).

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Macworld: Adobe brings Lightroom to the living room with an Apple TV app.

This’ll be FANTASTIC for previewing edits to clients from my large-screen television. So much easier.

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AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case.

I need one. This would be great for backcountry emergency use (providing you can find a celltower to contact).

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The Atlantic: How Women Are Harassed Out of Science.

Zero tolerance for such harassment.

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New Republic: How Exhaustion Became a Status Symbol.

Today, exhaustion still hints at status, but of a different sort. To say that you’re exhausted is to telegraph that you’re important, in demand, and successful. It’s akin to the humblebrag of ruefully describing yourself as ‘so busy’—naturally, since exhaustion follows from busyness.

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The Atlantic: Success in High School Doesn’t Mean Good Grades in College.

Instead, the pair thinks that if high schools want to prepare students for college, they should focus less on specific content and more on critical thinking and reasoning.” I agree. My experience in AP classes revealed a great variation in curriculum compared to what was expected on the test; I felt ill-prepared when facing those questions. But my experience was umpteen decades ago.

The selection of ‘advanced’ students was even more wobbly, in my view. Such programs tend to look for students whose performance is improving beyond baseline; this is an inaccurate metric in isolation. Using myself as an example: I wanted to attend AP English. But I was bored, having already read through the assigned reading materials, so my performance was declining out of lack of mental stimulation. I didn’t make it. So I took an elective in “Journalism” instead.

Ultimately, on my first day in college, I was asked to write a paper. I’d already skimmed the table of contents of the assigned “English textbook”, so I gave them everything the book covered, and much more. Within minutes of arriving at my very second class in “college English”, the instructor marched me down to the Department head and she waived all English requirements for my degree, clearing me for anything I wanted to take, including electives.

Here’s the question: Would the AP course have made me any better? I wonder.

High school is not college. And I don’t think there’s any way to approximate the experience in a high school setting. It’s more than just the classes and curricula. You are challenged in multifarious ways, this often being the first time a child is truly ‘on their own’, eliciting different responses in different kids. So yes, critical thinking and reasoning.

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Slate: The people who hate Hillary Clinton the most.

Offers no real fixes. Certain burning questions are avoided, as in “changes positions when politically convenient”, to focus on misogyny; “Americans tend not to like ambitious women with loud voices”. Footnote: Hillary’s voice. Scroll down in the article to see about her timbre specifically.

Personally, I just can’t listen to her speak. I last about 30 seconds to a minute. I thought she was great in the ‘90’s; clear and effective, even with hayseed accent. Lest you think me sexist, which seems to be the subtext here, I can’t/couldn’t stand GWB or Obama either. GWB, freespeaking or his four-word stretches on teleprompter. I made about 30 seconds of him before waiting for transcripts. Obama, his use of teleprompter is average, the speeches well-written, his delivery flat. Every speech looks exactly the same. Same movements, same tics. I just can’t at all. I’ll watch soundbites or head for a transcript.

Seeing the footage of Mario Cuomo broadcast at the DNC last night reminded me of the great charismatic speakers of our past. I went in search of Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan on Youtube, and relaxed in the glow of history.

Question: If I’m sexist, American and ‘don’t like ambitious women with loud voices’, how come I loved Bella Abzug?

Yeah, not buying what some are selling.

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The Economist: Daily chart - How unpopular are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?


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In These Times: DNC Leaks Show How Blatantly Democrats Trade Access For Donations.

Um ... let’s be fair, people. Certainly NOT just Democrats. Republicans, too.

Smells funny, all of this. The media is dogpiling too hard on the Democrats right now. I feel they know a Trump win would keep them in clover, even beyond a Clinton win.

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Vox: The DNC has barely started and delegates are already booing Hillary Clinton.

Bernie basically fed us a bunch of Mountain Dew and now he wants us to go to bed. It’s not going to happen.” Only now is Bernie realizing what he unleashed. Hillary is the only one who can corral this - she needs to make some big, significant move(s) sooner than later, otherwise her coronation will be a disaster.

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Autoweek: Morgan EV3 electric 3 Wheeler limited edition production model.

Spider-faced. But I don’t mind it. Cool. Like or hate it, there’s no in-between.

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Historical Times: Donald Trump, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton.

Blast from the past. I’m going to overuse it, but cue up “Eminence Front.” I’m beginning to suspect this whole campaign is the result of a bet Trump made to Bill Clinton during a golf game ...

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