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PS Mag: Trouble Ahead for Ritalin?

Meanwhile, many American parents seem to struggle with their decisions to medicate their kids, worrying about how difficult it can be to draw a bright line between behavior that’s restless, but “normal,” and behavior that’s worthy of treating with drugs.” I’m betting most kids are simply bored spitless at being ‘helicopter parented’.

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PDNPulse: After Staged-Photo Debacle, World Press Changes Rules.

Ethics in photo processing. Leaves out ‘fashion’, I suppose.

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LRB: Thomas Chatterton Williams reviews ‘Between the World and Me’ by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The acceptance of this pessimistic assessment means that forty million people must be seen as permanent victims.” Of note; make time to read through.

Tangential: I find that accepting ‘victimhood’ forces one to accept a whole host of maladies that one doesn’t actually experience (reference to my own speech issues through life). So I don’t. Accept ‘victimhood.’ I’m not a ‘victim’. America leans way to hard on ‘victimhood’. I’m a bloody survivor, and damned proud of it.

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Youtube: The Civil War Begins - 1st Trailer for Marvel’s Captain America.

Keepin’ it real, thank goodness. I always enjoy the Captain America installments much more than any of the other Marvel cinematic adventures.

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MessyNessyChic: The Fashion World’s Best Kept Secret.

Hey, he used a Spitfire in a fashion spread. The paint is wrong, but what the hell. My new fave fashion photog. Surrealism rules! His site, directly.

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Medium: #SlackDown - A lesson in brand interaction.

Great lesson in crisis-as-opportunity.

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Past Horizons: Rewriting the history of Glastonbury Abbey.

... the site of Arthur’s ‘grave’ was revealed to be a pit in the cemetery containing material dating from the 11th to 15th centuries, with no evidence linking to the era of the legendary King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.” Aw, rats.

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MessyNessyChic: The Art of Homemaking in a World War Dugout.

Documenting the creativity ... and ridiculousness ... of war.

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London Review of Books: Magical Thinking about Isis.

... the problem of IS can’t be laid exclusively at the door of Bush, Blair et al. The war in Libya, and Obama’s accommodation with the Sisi regime in Egypt, have encouraged the spread of IS well beyond Iraq. It is, however, the US’s dangerously incoherent Syria policy that has perhaps done the greatest damage.

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Guardian.UK: Scientists finally get under the skin of a 13th century publishing mystery.

It was a craft industry where the skills have been handed down from father to son, and stay within families, and we don’t know how they did it anymore.

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Mashable: Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ trailer proves that actual sloths run the DMV.

Wait for the protests. “Microaggression!”

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PS Blog: Is TIME Screwing Photographers?

For sure.

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Guardian.UK: Pfizer’s injection of Botox may cause more than cosmetic damage.

... while Pfizer may be able to rush this deal to completion before US legislators can react, it is surely nonsense to think US politicians will then shrug their shoulders and carry on as if nothing has happened. Pfizer is a company that, like most US pharma giants, has prospered for decades on the back of the high prices Americans pay for their prescription medicines.” Please, Congress, start a brouhaha over this.

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Says: “Dead” Chinese Girl Was Actually Playing Games And Living In Cafes For The Past 10

Um, OK.

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Random image link: 1969 Buick Century Cruiser, concept car.

Now that’s cool.

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NPR: You’ve Got A Home - June Millington’s Lifelong Journey In Rock.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

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ArtDaily: Bonhams returns to Monaco with ex-Stirling Moss Jaguar C-Type.

Legendary example of a wonderful car.If I had the expendable cash as a collector/enthusiast, a C-type is the first car I’d want to own.

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The New Yorker: Telling the Truth About ISIS and Raqqa.

“Assad has killed so many innocents, and many people have lost hope. After Assad’s chemical attack, when he crossed the so-called ‘red line,’ the U.S. just took the weapons. It made America look like a liar and weak.

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Crooked Timber: What We Owe the Students at Princeton.

The comments.

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DYT: This Man Spent 25 Years To Create The ”World Map” in Lake Klejtrup, Denmark.

Pretty neat!

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Guardian.UK: Texas family struggles to keep health insurance – and survive cancer.

Just don’t go the doctor. Don’t do those preventative care visits that probably helped me find out I had breast cancer and thyroid cancer early on. Just don’t find out and don’t get it fixed. [snip] Which is ludicrous but at this point what do you do? It becomes insanely expensive, it’s a whole different ball game from what it used to be.

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Archaeology News Network: 23 heritage sites destroyed in Saudi airstrikes on Yemen.

Daesh is apparently not alone in desiring to wipe out history.

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SF New Mexican: Federal official says N.M. licenses are fine for U.S. travel.

The fact the federal government didn’t give New Mexico an extension on Real ID compliance means that secure federal facilities in New Mexico will have to have stricter policies in the type of identification they accept. Starting Jan. 10, people won’t be able to use a New Mexico driver’s license to enter a military base or a federal installation such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory.” We’ll get four months’ notice if we need a passport for domestic travel.

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Bicycling: Free Electric Could be The New Power Source of India.

... but I want one!

Telegraph.UK: Secret pagan basilica in Rome emerges from the shadows after 2,000 years.

There were lots of cults worshipped at the time and the empire was in general fairly tolerant towards them.” Hmmph. ‘At the time.’ Constantine enjoyed practicing many cults much later than the family in the article (300s AD), and did not get baptized until shortly before death ... and even that, by an Arian bishop (heretical). Another case of journalists not knowing what the hell they’re writing about.

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The Atlantic: Are Higher Minimum Wages Eliminating Restaurant Jobs?

Misleading. When Santa Fe increased the minimum wage, the businesses that were operating on a shoestring failed almost immediately. Restaurants cut back on personnel and portion size, but that was neither sustainable nor sensible (customers dwindled) ... so eventually supplies were re-sourced, economies found, prices raised a smidge or so ... and hiring resumed. So any ‘elimination’ is temporary at best.

Slate: Howard Axelrod’s The Point of Vanishing, reviewed.

... if there was a crazy man in the woods, a wild bearded loner liable to do anything, I was him. I am the crazy man.

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Foundation 6 is available.

FYI. Great!

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Certain days ...

I skim through the articles in my aggregator on days like today, and think “We (America) must look like an insane person to those outside the country ... ripping off clothes, screaming like a banshee, slamming into trees, running through frozen ponds, eating handsfuls of autumn leaves and growling ... totally batshit crazy. Some want to help, but they don’t dare - this insane person’s got nukes, the largest military in recorded history, and a sensitivity for outrage that’s dialed to 11.”

Maybe I need to avoid my “Politics” channel for a while ...

11/19/15 • 06:55 PM • PersonalPolitics(4) Comments

TG’s Political Wire: Trump Holds Massive National Lead in New Poll.

It’s gonna be a long, cold winter for the establishment GOP.

11/19/15 • 05:32 PM • Politics1 Comment
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